6 Types Of Cranes You Can Rent From Crane Rentals

When you are having a construction project or you will be lifting heavy objects, you need to visit crane rentals and hire one. Different companies have a wide range of cranes for you to choose from. The most common ones being:

Vehicle mounted crane

From their name, these cranes are mounted on vehicles making it easy for you to move them from one place to another. These machines are common during the construction of temporary structures.

The cool thing with them is that they move very fast as the wheels of the vehicles they are mounted on are made from rubber.

Their main flaw is that you can’t use them in uneven areas. When you are working in risky areas, always have outriggers in place that you should place at the base of the vehicle thus providing stability to the crane.

When using the cranes, pay close attention to the maximum capacity of the cranes as lifting too heavy than they are meant to will result in overturning of the truck.

Mobile cranes

They are the most common types of cranes you will find in the market. The cranes feature a steel truss that is mounted on a mobile platform. The platform can be a rail, wheeled or a cat truck. The truss is usually hinged at the bottom of the crane and you can raise or lower it using cables or hydraulic cylinders.

The most attractive thing about the crane is that you can use it on a wide range of applications. The versatility is provided by the footprint and mobility of the crane.

Tower crane

This is a modern form of a balanced crane. When you fix it to the ground, the crane provides you with the best combination of height and lifting capacity. Due to its construction, the crane is best used when constructing tall buildings.

Different cranes have different heights and it’s up to you to choose the ones that are ideal for your application. If constructing an extremely tall building, go with tower cranes that have the ability to reach extremely high heights. For example, you can go for those that can reach up to 1000 meters high.

When using this crane, always ensure that its connected to a building. This is to prevent it from swaying. Keeping it connected also prevents the crane from tipping.

When placing them in place, always fix them using a strong concrete base and anchor them using large bolts that you can easily remove after construction.

Rough terrain crane

You mount this crane on an undercarriage with four rubber tires that are designed for off-road operations. The crane features outriggers that extend vertically and horizontally in order to level and stabilize the crane when you are lifting.

In most cases, the cranes feature a single engine. The same engine that you use to power the undercarriage you also use it to power the crane.

These cranes are ideal for use in construction sites that are uneven. The cranes are also ideal in the dirt and rocky terrains.

The crane usually has specially designed rubber tires. These rubbers make it possible for the crane to move around the site.

All terrain crane

It’s a type of a mobile crane that you can use it both on a paved road and rough terrains. The most identifying feature is the number of wheels that not only allows it to carry a lot of weight, they also provide it with balance so that it doesn’t overturn when working in rough terrains.

Since the machine is dual purpose, it’s the most ideal unit to go for when you are a having a project on a paved road and at the same time when you will be working in a rough area.

Floating crane

You use this one when you are having a bridge or port construction. You can also use the crane to load and unload ships. There are many types of these machines that have different capacities. Most of them have up to 9000 tons.

Regardless of the type of crane that you are looking to rent, ensure that you rent it from a reputable crane services VA provider. This way you are guaranteed of renting a high-quality machine that is properly maintained.

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