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How To Listen To Police Scanner Online

An online radio scanner allows you to listen in to various radio transmissions from all over the world. You can also monitor the frequencies that are on regular scanners. Not only does it save you the cost of purchasing a unit, but these online programs are also easy to use.

Step 1

Go online and use a search engine to look for radio stations and scanners on the Web. There are scores of websites that list these resources, so you won’t have problems looking for one.

Step 2

When you find a site, point your cursor to the “live audio” button. A map will appear. Click the state where the scanner you want to listen to is found. Make sure to enable “all feeds to the state” or something similar to it.

Step 3

Click the link under “feed”. To listen to the online radio scanner, click an icon that resembles a speaker. This is usually under a “listen” label. A player will pop up and you will be able to hear the transmissions. If the player won’t play, the site will usually have other devices available.

Programming Scanners with a Computer

By programming a scanner with your computer, you should be able to listen to frequencies all over the States. To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1

Get a computer with a sound system and speakers. Make sure these components are working. The sound system does not have to be elaborate; even the basic types will do.

Step 2

Download or purchase scanner programs. There are many of these on the Net.

Step 3

Install the software and hook up the unit to the computer’s serial port. You will need to utilize a USB cord designed specifically for this device. These can be purchased in computer stores. In some instances this will be included with the software. Make certain there is a frequency changer and receiver. The range should be from 25 MHz to 1300 MHz minimum.

Step 4

Connect to the Internet. This is necessary so the unit can hook up with different antenna frequencies. You will need a high speed Web connection. The latter point is very important. If you are on a low-end connection, the transmissions will be choppy or stop.

Even with little experience, learning how to use online radio scanners should not prove difficult. The fact that you can use the Web as your resource makes the learning curve even simpler.

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