Why you need to visit the allergy clinic?

If you are allergic to something, you should immediately visit the allergy clinic of your area. The clinic will perform different tests to trace out the actual cause of allergy. Without the test, you will take years to detect the exact problem. Things in the clinic have become very speedy and easy as well. The allergy clinics offer very quick diagnosis and treatments to the one suffering from allergy. You have to undergo a series of tests at once so that the root cause of allergy will be determined. The blood test, skin test and the elimination test will be done to know the exact source of allergy. In prime clinical centres, so many experienced allergy doctors can easily do all the three tests.

What is skin allergy test?

You may have to undergo the skin test in case you are allergic. This helps in determining the allergy substances. The suspected allergen will be placed onto your skin to test whether they are causing any reaction or not. It is mostly the back, the forearm which is used for testing. The area of the skin will be pricked to allow the allergen to penetrate the skin. If you are allergic to the substance, you will develop signs of allergy. It may cause itching, skin redness and even swelling.

What is allergy blood test?

It is the final technique for testing whether you are allergic or not. Your blood will be collected and sent to laboratory to determine the cause of allergy. The blood will be subjected to several allergens to detect if there is any reaction or not. The lab people will determine the lgE antibodies present in the blood. Hence, to what degree you are allergic and what is the probable substance will be determined.

What do you mean by the elimination test?

In the clinical centers, the elimination test is widely performed. It exactly pin points the allergens in the diet. Your reaction will be monitored after adding certain food compounds in your diet. The food will be concealed so that there is no psychological factor to reduce the accuracy level of the performed test.

Among all the three tests performed in the allergy clinic, the most accurate one is certainly the blood test. It can determine the allergy status and how far it has caused reaction in the blood. If the test is performed well by allergy specialist doctor, you can get instant relief from allergy.

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