Quality time: A Key to Good Parenting

Parenting is the most enjoyable yet soothing responsibility that every person comes across. There may be many definitions and explanations for good parenting as parenting is the most challenging task parents come across. Generally all parents work hard to raise their children healthy and smart. All parents have some plans on upbringing of their child. However if you are going to have your first child, you may face many difficulties and challenges you never thought about.

Giving quality time to kids

In this hectic life, parents hardly get time to discuss the lives with their kids. Bond of communication is weaker and this invites all the problems. For positive parenting you need to devote lots of quality time. It is not possible to be with the kids 24 hours in the busy life, but you can always try! An emotional bond is very important between parents and their kids. Researches have concluded that kids tend to develop more ethical and moral values if parents devote quality times with their kids. Good habits are something you can make your kids learn. Good conversations between parents and their kids make kids smarter and responsible. A survey results say that an average American parent doesn’t spend required time for quality conversation with their child. This result in many problems in kids; irresponsible behavior, lack of social and moral values, increasing criminal mentality etc.  A parent can become a role model for their kids. Becoming a hero is not a difficult thing for your child, all you need is to spend time and talk with them.

Environmental factors play an important role too in making your child!

Company and the environment your kid is spending time with is an important aspect! To develop good habits in children, first you need to acquire them yourself and then make your kids follow. Kids learn from their surroundings, environment affects kid’s mental growth to an extent.  Providing your children a healthy environment is thus a necessity. As children grow, they follow their parent‘s activities and copy what they see others doing. So it’s important to keep an eye on children that what they are doing and from whom they are being influenced.

Parenting may sound tough but a little bit quality time devotion can do wonders! Think of the ways you can make your child happy and a good human being.

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