How To Make Your Own Baby Food?

Serving food to your little one can be quite challenging. Baby food need not come in jars, for you can make your own baby food. And it will be healthy too. Firstly, select the right equipments like baby food grinder, old-fashioned fork, saucepan, etc. which can be easily purchased from stores or online. Read some tips on how to make your own baby food.

  • Give chemical-free food to your baby. Use a vegetable brush to scrub fruits and vegetables thoroughly. If there are any stringy parts, trim them and snip off parts like seeds, peels, etc. that can cause choking. When serving poultry and meat, remove excess fat before cooking.
  • Steaming instead of boiling will preserve vitamins and minerals and soften the vegetables, making it easier for babies to chew.
  • Avoid salt and sugar. Instead use lemon juice which acts as a preservative and can naturally enhance the flavor of food.
  • Say no to deep-frying! This can only make the food unhealthy.
  • You don’t have to prepare separate food for baby. Before you add seasonings to adult food, take some portion out for your baby, mash or grind so that it is easy for baby to chew or gulp.
  • Prepare enough to last an entire day. You can put the freshly prepared pureed food in the ice cube tray, wrap it with cellophane and freeze it. Then you can transfer the frozen ice cubes into an air-tight freezer bag and serve one cube when required. If you want food to slowly melt, then it will take about 4 hours in a refrigerator and for a faster melting process, an electric dish or a saucepan placed over slow flame can do wonders. Keep stirring the food when kept on slow flame.
  • Store food in recycled jars. Once the baby has graduated from eating cube-sized portions, start storing food in recycled baby jars. Never fill food till the brim because the food will expand when you freeze it.
  • Label the packets with contents. If you are making more than 2 or 3 items to be fed to your baby, label them. It is said that one can freeze homemade baby food for three months, but we advise you to serve freshly prepared food only.
  • Whether you are thawing or heating food, test the food with your finger to find if it is too hot or cold.
  • To avoid wastage of food, serve small portions and then slowly add more.

Baby food is simple, you just have to strain, mash or puree an adult food. Making your own baby food will tell you the ingredients used and it can be custom-made as per your baby’s taste.

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