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Obesity is one of the rampant health issues that affect people across the globe. It is common to see that people who struggle with weight issues often tend to find incomplete short cuts to lose weight instantly. If you have been struggling with your weight from many years and have a similar mindset, then it is imperative that you understand that permanent weight loss requires you to handle the issue in a holistic manner. You cannot really do a crash diet and stay slim the rest of your life. A well balanced method that combats your weight problem from all ends is what will give you lasting results. One such very effective holistic weight loss program is that which is hosted by PhuketFit.

PhuketFit provides excellent weight loss program for both men and women. The program aims at getting to the root cause of the problem and then setting it right. The complete program is based on individual needs. You can get the weight loss regime customized to your requirements. The program starts off with one-to-one consultation with the health expert. Your health status will be analysed and your reports, if any, will be studied in detail. Additionally, questions regarding your lifestyle will also be asked to find out what exactly is causing the weight loss. Keeping all these factors in mind, a tailor-made program is drawn for you. You will be dealt with a team of experts who go as per the analysis made earlier, and recommend apt activities for you. The experts also stay with you all through like your support system, so that you remain motivated and keep going.

Your benefits

PhuketFit program is for you if you want to get rid of stubborn fat that has been bothering you since many years. It is also the best way to lose weight faster, but in a holistic way. Here are some key benefits you’d get from this very effective program,

  • The program will be made to suit your body, health condition and lifestyle
  • You will have constant access to experts. So you can never go wrong with any step.
  • The program aims at an all-round approach to tackle the weight problem. So, you will nourished, and not made to starve
  • The right approach that is followed throughout the program gives you a well-balanced method to lose weight
  • In this program you lose unwanted fat and excess weight without having to compromise over your health
  • Along with helping you lose weight, the program ensures that you have a well-toned body that is strong and healthy
  • You get introduced to healthy methods and habits that you can use all your life without any hassle
  • The program is filled with fun elements that keep you interested right until the end
  • You will be given appropriate guidance that will help you lose weight and maintain it well even after the program gets over
  • The best part of the whole program is the cleansing process that is induced, that detoxifies your body and peps up your digestive system

The program details

The most striking feature of PhuketFit is the ambience it has in all its weight loss sections. The complete program will be instructor-led. You will not feel alone at any time, and you will have an expert by your side to guide you. Here are some highlights of the program,

  • The program starts off with an in-person consultation where your complete information pertaining to diet and lifestyle will be taken. You might want to carry your important medical reports, and mention if you have any allergies. Based on this analysis, you will be given a card with your weight loss regime in it.
  • The weight loss program kicks off with a cleansing routine. This is a very effective routine, where in you will be completely detoxified. Your intestines, both small and large, go through intensive cleansing, which enhances their functioning capacity. This also gives you stomach a good wash. Your organs, including your skin, get rejuvenated with this cleansing mechanism.
  • You will be subjected to daily Thai massages, which tone your body, remove toxins and aid in weight loss. They also rejuvenate your muscles and organs so that they perform well.
  • You will be given many health drinks that are made out of selected herbs which help in lessening your fat, and they pep up your metabolism. This helps your body to burn calories quickly, and digest the food with much rigor.
  • Sauna baths are also a part of the program which helps you sweat and release extra calories and stored toxins. During this process your water retention problem also gets solved.
  • The diet that is given is very healthy and not based on any kind of starving. Health and holistic meal is made available to you. The meals are carefully prepared, keeping in mind your health condition. Nothing that doesn’t suit your body will be given. You will also be able to see that healthy eating can be tasty and you will learn many delicious dishes that you can easily incorporate in your daily routine.
  • A well skilled instructed will then take care of your exercising needs. You will be provided individualized and one-on-one exercise coaching. In this phase, you will learn many exercises and you will be made to apply them in an optimum way. You will be taught the tricks to lose weight and the right way to exercise. There are various forms of exercises that are given to you, so that you don’t get bored with monotonous activity.

Other than the weight loss regime, you can enjoy the nearby beaches which are among the well-known tourists spots in Asia. You can blow your stress away and calm down your mind and focus better. You will also be able to make new friends who are struggling with weight issues like you. You will thus find a good company to get back to shape.

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