Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy?

The women’s choice clinic is just one of the many centers and medical organizations that helps pregnant women understand the journey into being a mother. The 9 months road to motherhood is never easy and requires the utmost care and safety precautions. Which is why traveling or a pregnancy that is travel related faces a lot of concerns and medical consultations just to assure that the mother-to-be and her baby are both fit and healthy to enjoy any travel.

Traveling While Pregnant 101

If you are traveling with a baby bump, you have to consider two things: comfort and safety.  Every pregnant woman should always prioritize their safety and comfort regardless of whether they are traveling or not. And because of that, the following information should be considered first before planning your next destination.

Is It Necessary To Travel While Pregnant?

Well, for as long as you are free from any serious health issues or complications during your pregnancy, you can travel anytime you want. However, spare your first trimester because that is the most crucial stage of the development of your baby and your pregnancy. Is it when your morning sickness is likely to manifest and is the period when you can easily feel exhausted. But when in your second trimester that is when it is most ideal for you to travel while your baby is still in your belly because you have passed the risky stage of your motherhood journey.

Some Traveling Tips

May it is by train, bus, or car, traveling is generally safe for healthy pregnant women like you. Although, there are still a lot of things that you must consider that can make your trip more comfortable and safe.

  • Always put on your seatbelt when riding the car. Make sure that the belt is strong enough to protect you and your baby during the trip.
  • Turn on your car’s airbag features. The air bag’s safety benefits can outweigh any probable risk you might encounter on the road.
  • If you are traveling by bus, expect that this mode of transportation can be a bit challenging because the aisles are a bit narrow and restrooms are much smaller. In this case, you should remain seated while the bus is moving or still in motion, but if you really need to use the restroom, hold tightly to the rail or seats to keep your balance as you slowly walk – never rush. Remember, safety first.
  • Trains, on the other hand, have more rooms to walk around and space that is just enough for the disabled and pregnant passengers. However, restrooms are also smaller. For safety, always hold on to rails if you have to use the restroom or stay in your most comfortable position while the train is moving.
  • As much as possible, keep your travel time within five or six hours only to limit your time from being seated too long in the bus, train, or car.
  • Take short walks or do some stretches when having restroom stops to keep your blood flowing and avoid cramps on your feet and strain on your back.

It is also considered safe to travel by plane for expectant mothers, although, there are also some pointers that you have to consider first.

  • Most airlines only allow pregnant women to travel when in their eighth month while traveling during their ninth month is possible only if allowed by their health care provider or doctor.
  • Choose a seat where you can have easy access to the restroom or can freely do some stretches for your legs and back to keep blood circulating.
  • Choose major and trusted airlines which can offer you with pressurized cabins that are more comfortable for pregnant women like you.

If you have travel plans while you are pregnant make a visit first to your trusted gynecology clinic DC to make sure that you are at your most healthy state to travel the world with your baby bump.

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