RV Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs!

Proper RV maintenance and rv servicing is the most imperative thing that you can do to keep it running efficiently. Recreational vehicles demand all the typical maintenance of your truck, car or SUV plus a lot more. After all, a RV is much more than a vehicle. It can be a kitchen, office, hotel, safe room, vacation cottage, playroom etc. That is why RVs are also known as MOTORHOME.

RV maintenance

If you want to enjoy every amenity of your RV, you will have to pay attention over RV maintenance. Preventative care and maintenance can avoid costly repairs. You should always follow the user manual to know exactly what you need to do to keep your RV in top working condition.

RV maintenance tips

#1: Change oil and filters: Just like car, change oil and filters of your RV at regular interval. It is important to change oil and filter to keep the engine of your RV functioning properly and if avoided, its engine might get seized. And engine repair will drain your thousands of dollars.

#2: Run the Generator: If you leave generator of your RV unused for long period of time, you might have to replace it years before you should. The shelf life of gasoline around 30 days, after that time, gasoline may start to breaking down and damage internal components of your generator. It recommended that you should use your generator for 2 hours a month. This will help you in keeping your generator primed and ready.

#3: Replacements: Replacement of coolant, air, fuel and hydraulic filters is also important to keep your RV in healthy working condition. If left done, it could cause damage around $2,500 because of overheating of the cooling system, increased fuel usage or oxidization in the hydraulic system.

#4: Washing: Washing is an important part of RV maintenance. Wash your RV from inside and outside. Make use of antifreeze to make plumbing lines of your RV winter proof. And keep waste water system of your RV in decent condition by making use of bio-degradable RV toilet paper.

So, these are some basic RV maintenance tips which can help you in keeping your RV in great shape. However, you should always consider visiting rv service center, for professional servicing.

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