Alternative Source of Proteins for the Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is basically the avoidance of the consumption of animal products that have been obtained by killing animals. Proteins are important to the body as they are the body-building ingredients. They also are responsible for keeping the body healthy and safe from infections and are the key constituent of the enzymes that are the chemical catalyst that make biochemical processes in the body take place. Animals have been credited as being the best source of proteins burn recent research has proven that with consumption of animal products, there come great dangers as cancer amongst other problems.

The vegetarian has alternatives that are healthier and, in the long run, safer than animal products.

  • Legumes and lentils

Legumes are good sources of protein and they are the beans and the peas. The beauty of them is their availability and they can accompany almost any meal to add that delicious taste. They also contain a variety of other minerals that the body requires like iron.

  • Soy products

Soy is a good alternative to milk products and is very tasty. There is always some level of hesitancy when it comes to trying them out, but they offer good surprises.

  • Seeds, nuts and nut butter

Who doesn’t like peanuts? Unless you are allergic, then they are good. Peanuts and other nuts are a good source of protein and fats and make good snacks. Moreover, they have a substantial amount of fiber that helps with the absorption of other minerals. But vegetarians should limit their consumption of these nuts as they have a high quantity of fat.

  • Tofu

Tofu is also another god source of proteins and some of them have Vitamin B12, iron and calcium added to them. These additional minerals are very important to the body and due to their huge availability in animal products; tofu can be a good substitute to the vegetarian,

  • Meat substitutes and vegetable burgers

Most of the meat substitute’s vegetarian products are made from soy products and though they are not meat, they taste similar and provide good alternatives.

You can never have enough vegetables. Vegetables are also a good substitute to meat products and with a little creativity, could be made into very sweet dressings and salads, sandwiches or even burgers.

  • Whole grains

Whole grains are considered incomplete proteins because they do not contain the whole bunch of amino acids the building blocks of proteins, so when eating whole grains it is always advisable to couple it with other proteins to supplement the deficiency. Peas and beans are good with whole grains.

  • Quinoa

A god source of whole grain and, on the other hand, contains all the necessary amino acids hence a complete protein and a very good source of protein as it contains lots of it.

There are definitely more sources of proteins that do not have animals as their source, just a little more research will bring you there, besides there are protein supplements that patch this gap very well.

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