Charcoal Mask – Charcoal Activated Face Mask

Nobody wants to deal with cases of blackheads and acne. It can be such a terrible stage in one’s life given the way it messes with your facial appearance and attractiveness in general. If you have been thinking of how you can handle such a situation, a charcoal mask is one do it yourself way to go.

What is a charcoal mask

A charcoal mask is a facial care product that is designed to help rid of any oil, dirt, residual makeup and other particles blocking the skin openings which could lead to blemishes and breakouts. It is made from a mixture of natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, which functions as a magnet, drawing out particles and impurities that block the pores of our skin. Another component, bentonite clay, serves to absorb toxins from the surrounding environment and gives the skin a deep-down cleansing.

How To Make A Charcoal Mask

To make a charcoal mask, the primary thing you need to do is get all the ingredients; these include the following­­­:

• A teaspoon of activated charcoal powder

• Half a teaspoon of raw honey

• Two teaspoons of water

• A teaspoon of bentonite clay

• A drop of both lavender and tea tree essential oil.

Once you have all the ingredients in place, chronologically perform the following steps to make your charcoal mask:

• Mix some water and essential oil in a small glass bowl

• Add the bentonite clay to the mixture inside the bowl and allow absorption to take place for approximately ten seconds then proceed to add the remaining ingredients. In this way, it is easier for the mixture to combine.

• Get a small spatula and use it to mash everything together into a mixture. It takes a few minutes for the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed as the clay needs to stay lumpy. This will be enough for two charcoal masks.

How to use it

• Once you feel that everything is thoroughly mixed and ready, apply it over your face.

• Give it just about ten minutes to dry.

• Remove it by peeling of the mask washing it off using some warm and soap.

Those who choose to use the mask should know that it does not have any preservative agents and does not store well. It is recommended that you use it all once without storing.

Charcoal Mask Tips

The following important tips should be taken into account when you decide to make and use your charcoal mask:

• Charcoal is known to leave a nasty stain on any light colored fabric, remember to prevent getting it on your dress and wash it off the sink if it gets there too.

• People have different skin types, and the charcoal mask may have a severe drying effect on some skin types especially after washing it off with soap. If you happen to experience this, you can add a little oil to the natural face lotion you use so that your skin does not dry up severely.

• If the mask seems tough to get off like it is in some cases, use a washcloth to get it off when the soap and water alone are doing the trick. Take care though to use an old one since the staining is permanent. Note too that the washcloth can be irritating since for some skin types since it rubs the charcoal across the face.

Dangers of peel off charcoal blackhead face mask

Using the charcoal face mask has its downside. It has been noted that some users decide to add glue as an ingredient to emphasize that peel off effect so that the process is more efficient; this can be damaging to the health of your skin. Apart from the pain you feel from peeling the mask off; the following are other dangers to take note of:

• Peeling off the charcoal face mask has the potential to damage your skin. It rips off the tiny vellus hair foliage and cells on your skin; this means the outer layer of skin is being removed hence compromising the safety of your facial skin.

• Another thing that is removed from the mask peel-off process is the oils that are a chemical barrier safeguarding the skin from harmful micro-organisms in the atmosphere. This exposes the skin to parasites and viruses.

• Continuous use of the charcoal face mask could be damaging in the long-term for the skin property to heal back to its normal state.

ASTRID Pro Blackhead Remover

Apart from the charcoal face mask, other products in the market serve this same purpose of facial skin acre through blackhead removal. One such product is the ASTRID Pro Blackhead Remover, which is manufactured by ASTRID SKIN SOLUTION.

About ASTRID Pro Blackhead Remover

This is also a peel-off mask that will get the job done in a matter of minutes and restore the smoothness and radiance of your facial skin. The mask simply grabs on the blackheads on your face suck them together with bacteria off the pores on your skin, therefore, helping to prevent the occurrence of pimples. The process of using it is no different from that of the charcoal face mask, and it ensures the pores on your skin are visible and your face is beautiful once again.

What’s all the buzz about?

There has been a lot of euphoria in the market about this product, with first-time users noting how user-friendly it is and its level of effectiveness in such a short span of time. According to them, this product works, and the results can be seen after just a day. The improvements on the skin are clear, and that is why they are highly recommending it to anyone who might be plagued with blackheads and acne to try it out and experience the wonder for themselves.

The best part is that the ingredients used are natural meaning that no harmful chemicals interact with your skin. The vendor also has an offer of a 30-day money back guarantee when you buy and use the product.


Everybody desires a spotless face with smooth and radiant skin just like we see in supermodels and celebrities. It makes all the sense that you would want to get yourself a skin care product that does just that for you. The charcoal mask provides you with a good alternative that you can easily use and enjoy it efficiency. This is time to get that face you have always wanted!

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