Biggest Wedding Expenses

When it is to be getting married, there are some huge wedding expenses that you cannot avoid. Here are the top 10 biggest wedding expenses that make wedding as the expensive one.

Wedding Venue

Wedding venue is included as one of the huge expenses that you have to face. Want to arrange wedding ceremony in a church, you have to spend huge amount and this amount normally does not include the charges for an officiant. It also does not include the decoration cost as well. If you want to book a hotel, huge charges are levied that you cannot avoid.


Catering cost is huge that you cannot avoid. Catering includes food and drink service, cake cutting fees. You can choose from buffet or sit-down dinner and can include the cocktail hour just according to your budget. Open bar costs huge. You also can hire a professional catering company that usually offer the complete package that can make your catering less costly.

Music, and live band

Music and live bands makes your guests to have fun. You can hire a Wedding Jazz Band to bring life to your event. They not only can play for the reception but also they can cover the ceremony and cocktail hour. The top-class Jazz Band is always going to incur big expenses on your pocket but everybody knows that, when the ceremony ends and cocktail starts, and after couple of drinks, Jazz in Cocktail is going to make your guests to have blast at your wedding.

Open Bar

If you are open to ask your guests to get the drink of their choice, it is going to be quite heavy on your pocket. It would be better to offer your guests a signature cocktail or some wine or beer brands to enjoy.

Wedding Dress

You cannot figure out any specific price on your wedding dress. A prefect wedding dress is quite expensive and you need to spend a big amount of money to get the attractive & dashing look at your wedding occasion. Designer dress is available to buy from and you do not have the options to cut down the cost on buying the wedding dress.

Photographer Cost

You must want to capture the moments of your wedding day to get it for forever. Wedding photography also costs high. You have the option to approach an in-budget photographer or you can hire a Luxury wedding photographers for grand photography experience. You can only cut down its cost and cannot be avoided totally.


‘More is the better’ applies for wedding flowers. You need to spend a big amount on flower arrangements and designs. The cost of flowering at the wedding reception can go high during off season.

Wedding Rings

It is a longstanding tradition to exchange the wedding rings. You can choose the wedding band according to your budget. Wedding band decorated with diamond stone can also cost higher.

Stationery Suite

Invitations, place cards, save-the-dates, programs, thank-you notes and reply cards are one of those you need to spend upon. If you budget allows, you can spend more on luxury details like calligraphy or letterpress.

The Honeymoon Getaway

Now, it’s the Honeymoon that you do not want to avoid. You can choose from most fitting Honeymoon package. It is the time when you want to share some time with your wife.

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