DNA Repair

DNA Support Products

Aedre serum

Aedre is a skin regeneration serum which enhances the DNA support line and bring natural glow in the skin. This product is formulated for generating fastest results in DNA support line. The unique formula of Aedre serum works to regenerate the damaged skin, improves the skin firmness, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is apt for both men and women of all types of skin.

Activar Day Cream

Activar Day Cream hydrate, repair and refine the skin. It combats with the skin problems like premature aging and degrading cellular structures. This cream protects and renews facial tissues. Thus, nourishes the skin from deep inside out and make skin look more youthful. It is also apt for both men and women use.

Activar Night Cream

Activar Night Cream is a revolutionary dna repair product and an ideal companion to day cream. It works to hydrate, reconstruct and rejuvenate the skin within natural repair cycles to renew and liven up the skin. This cream penetrates deep in the layers of skin to nourish the skin from inside and that glow will appear outside. It helps in getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, signs of aging and gift radiant skin to user. It is suitable for men and women of every skin type.

Activar Eye cream

Activar Eye cream is especially formulated to smooth, hydrate and rejuvenate the sensitive areas of eyes. It is formulated to provide superior hydration and repair to under eye skin without hurting the eyes. This eye cream works to calms overstressed tissues and reduces puffiness around the eyes. It works promptly to remove fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles and gift you a perfectly smooth under eye skin. It is suitable for men and women of every skin type.

Purple caps

Purple caps are capsules which heal, energize and repair DNA through enzymatic healing method. These capsules greatly improve the vitality and energy levels of body which eventually contribute in overall health improvement. These capsules contain natural Maqui Berry powder which improves health from the cellular level. The purple capsules are revolutionary dna repair product which also provide antioxidant benefits.

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