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It’s Party Time!

Spring has sprung and summer is on its way! With it is sure to bring graduation parties, weddings, pool parties and backyard barbeques. If you plan to entertain outdoors this summer, here are a few tips:

  1. Clean up. Let’s face it. Your lawn probably makes up most of your outdoor space. So, be sure that it’s freshly mowed and manicured. If your mower doesn’t collect the clippings for you, be sure to rake up afterward. You won’t want freshly-cut grass getting tracked in through the house when your guests need to use the bathroom!
  2. The Inside Counts, Too. Be sure the kitchen and your bathroom is tidied up before any gathering. Your guests will probably want to help you prep food and drinks and may need to use the bathroom – especially if cocktails are served!
  3. Seating. You’ll want to have a seat for everyone. There’s nothing more uninviting than having to stand up at a while everyone else sits. Arrange your space accordingly by having seating around tables or chairs that face one another to promote good conversation. Big, oversized cushions will help people relax and enjoy your party, too!
  4. Add Music. Music can add liveliness to your get-together. Be sure that the volume isn’t such that your guests are yelling at one another to communicate and choose a mix of genres that are upbeat and exciting to get people moving!
  5. Add Fire. An ethanol fireplace on a table or garden torches throughout the space will create an enchanting atmosphere that guests will remember. As dusk arrives and the bugs come with it, the use of fire can be functional and fun all at the same time!
  6. Food Frenzy. When choosing the type of spread to include in your summer soiree, be sure to remember those with dietary or other food-related restrictions. Will there be vegetarians, vegans or those who need gluten-free foods? Be sure to plan ahead. No one wants to feel like a burden because they have restrictions.
  7. Prepare the Grilling Area. Once you’ve decided on what food you’ll serve, get your grill and its surroundings prepared. Be sure the grill is clean and you have enough charcoal, lighter fluid or propane ready to go. Think about the condiments and utensils you’ll need and have them readily accessible. If you’re cooking both meat and chicken, remember not to use the same utensils.
  8. Fun & Games. Plan a few games to play with your guests. This allows those who may not know each other to be introduced. Plus, the hungrier your guests are, the more they’ll appreciate all your hard work at the grill!
  9. Shade. Have a space covered by umbrellas, an awning or a table under a tree so that your guests can get out of the sun if they choose.
  10. Enjoy your party. Your guests have come to your function because they like you. Just because you’re the host(ess), doesn’t mean you have to work until the last person leaves. Enjoy your guests and let them help you out if they offer.

Summertime parties can form memories that last forever. All of us here at Clean Flames wish you a happy, healthy and safe summer party season!

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