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With bridal season right around the corner, you are probably starting to think not only about your makeup kit and marketing materials, but also the most sought after wedding make-up looks for this season. If you have already done some simple searching, you have found that there are thousands of options for wedding makeup looks, and it can be a bit overwhelming. I’m here to help you narrow it down a bit by helping you choose what kind of styles to suggest to your clients based on their personal style, wedding theme, and preference. They might want to look a little more hard-core, sweet and innocent, or sexy as all get out. Once you have this narrowed down, it will be a lot easier to find the perfect trendy, current look for them to make their day that much better. In any case, you will help them to exude love which is all anyone really cares about!

The first style you should have mastered is the “classic.” This means subtly lined eyelids, slightly blushed cheeks, and a balanced light pink or berry lip. If your client chooses a natural look you should always choose one feature to accentuate, for example the lips with a nice berry color as aforementioned, or you could do a more nude lip with “ethereal” eyes, which is quite in right now. To achieve this look start with a pale pink on the lids, a shimmery brown in the crease, and champagne color in the “v” of your eye to give yourself a glowing, mysterious finish. If normally your client doesn’t wear much make-up, don’t be afraid to stick with their natural look and just apply a little peach-colored blush and mascara on the lashes. They do not want to feel uncomfortable on one of the most important days of their life, so be sure to communicate well with your client in order to achieve the perfect look for them.

If your client is looking to be more dramatic, you can never go wrong with applying a strong sultry smokey eye, I learned this look in detail at You can pair this with a nice contouring of their cheeks and nose to highlight all of their best features. This look is great with a bit of added bronzer, as well. Since the rest of the face will be highly made-up, a light gloss on the lips will finish it off perfectly. Another way to get this bombshell look is by applying bronze shades to the lids and wearing false eyelashes to make their love-filled eyes pop.

If being a little more edgy is the look your client is after, with their approval you could just go for it and try a dramatic smoky-eye paired with a bright red lip to take their groom’s – and all of their attendee’s – breath away. Another sexy, edgy option is sticking with the same smoky eye, but completing it with winged edges. You can keep the lips neutral in this look or, you can go bold all the way and apply a sexy red pout which I learned is the Hollywood trend at

When it comes to wedding makeup looks, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget the important part, that this is the day your client is getting married! Don’t experiment on this day, and give them advice by letting them know their inner beauty and natural style should shine through. Everyone is going to see how much they are in love, and that is the best beauty trick anyone can hope for.

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