12 Cheap Kitchen Update Ideas

It’s daunting to know that your kitchen is in need of an immediate update whilst you are running low on budget. Fear not for below are the heartiest kitchen update ideas like using granite kitchen countertops instead of those expensive silestone or travertine countertops. They will cost you so low, you wouldn’t believe it.

Hang Wall Art

Though many believe that kitchen is no place for exhibition of art, you’d be surprised to see how wonderfully wall art fits on the wall of your kitchen. If you have a spacious wall in your kitchen that is devoid of anything substance; hang some art there to make your kitchen appear fuller with some well-contrasting colors. Even if your kitchen walls have cabinets installed at every corner, the space above it or on top of the shelves are a wonderful spot to exhibit your art collection.

Get a Rug

Now everyone knows that carpeting your kitchen may not be the wisest of ideas as much as it can cover you outdated, unappealing floor. It is against all the domestic safety rules. However adding a small sweet rug at the center of kitchen can enhance the appeal of your kitchen to a major extent.

Add a Wallpaper

If you wall art is not an option for you, adding a wallpaper to those empty walls can do just the trick to make your kitchen look far more attractive than it ever was. Obviously, the type of wallpaper is for you to decide, keeping into account the color contrast of your kitchen.

Upgrade the Lighting

If you think you kitchen isn’t lit enough (pun intended), try buying chic lights for your kitchen that will not only brighten your room more than it already was but take it to a whole new elegant level. Pendant lighting is what’s in the trend these days, and if you don’t want to be left out into transferring your kitchen to the most up-to-date style, then lighting is a definite way to go.

Change Your Old Bar Stools

Upgrade the stools of your kitchen to give it a whole new look from certain perspective. Though it doesn’t seem like a lot, but simply changing of your bar stools that look far from what they looked like previously can change a whole lot about your kitchen appeal.

A Multi-Purpose Appliance

An appliance which can be as big as a refrigerator or as small as a kettle can enhance your kitchen appeal. Changing a microwave, or having one if you don’t have one can create a noticeable change in your kitchen.


During your kitchen renovation, get some shelves which will make your kitchen look far more tidy. It’s just another excuse for making up for that bare wall if you have. Or in case your kitchen appears to be very congested and full of many things, shelves will act as an article that will create more room for your extras.

Decorate Your Fridge

Adorning your kitchen with ornaments, like magnets or covers will make your kitchen look prettier and stylish than it was. This is one of the cheapest means to upgrade your kitchen by doing something as little as buying fancy magnets and sticking them on to your fridge.

Get a New Faucet

Installing a new faucet that is up to the latest style is another way to go to create a more stylish appeal to your kitchen. A New faucet will make you fall in love with your sink, that will not only make your kitchen appeal a ten out of ten but also motivate you to do your dishes on time.

Add Some Green

Getting some plants and putting them on top of your kitchen cabinets or shelves is also a clever way to create a tidy, healthy looking kitchen.

Under Cabinet Lights

If you don’t have under cabinet lights already, then you might as well get. They will transform your kitchen to a level where you wouldn’t imagine that something as little as lights could do so much to the appeal of your kitchen.

Give Your Countertop a Makeover

You can simply replace your countertop with the help of granite countertop installers Potomic or give your current countertop a cool makeover. There are so many accessories to go with that will enhance its look.

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