How To Plan A Summer Corporate Event

Summer is the perfect time of the year for a company’s management to get together and drop a party on the success they achieved in the first half of the year. But these summer corporate events can be a hot mess to manage if you don’t know about good event tent rentals, venues, and event managers. That’s why we have gathered some tips for you to follow.

Decide On A Date

Deciding on a date is usually obvious, but doing it right when you think of the event is really important. Also, do remember that everyone else has their summer plans with their family too, so the event must be scheduled for early summer to make sure that everyone is available to join. If you set the data for too late into the summers, some members of the team might feel left out, and that is not good for a team.

Have A Definite Theme In Mind

This is a golden tip; you must choose a theme for the event prior to choosing a venue. That is because finding a venue that fits your theme is relatively easier than having to fit your theme into the venue that you already have.

Talking of themes, there are actually quite a lot of themes that you can choose from to host a corporate event perfectly. For example; carnival, circus, beach, enchanted garden and midsummer are some of the most popular themes you can choose from.

Now Book The Venue

Remember that the whole idea of hosting a summer corporate event is having a sunny outdoor space to enjoy some quality time in. If you are also looking for a venue that provides outdoor space, you are in luck, because most venues, whether they are rural or urban, provide plenty of outdoor space to host an event in.

The amount of space you will need depends on the number of guests you will be hosting. There is no shortage of quality spaces both in urban and rural areas these days.

Once you shortlist a venue, you can ask some relevant questions to make sure that the venue will meet your expectations.

Do they have another entry point to the outdoor space other than the main venue area? Asking this is important because you might have some large equipment that cannot be transported through the venue itself.

Do they provide outdoor dining? This will be needed if you will be extending the event into the night, and ending it with a nice dinner.

Do they have any specific rules that should be followed? Some venues might have sound restrictions due to their location, some might not allow you to attach decorations with walls. Following these rules is a must if you want to avoid any problems later on.

If you have any other questions too, feel free to ask. You will be paying them a handsome amount, so, it is your right to clear any doubts before booking.

Use Lighting Wisely To Create Ambience

Once the theme is picked and a nice venue is booked, you can now focus towards the real deal. Making your venue ready to receive the guests.

Ambience and appropriate lighting is an often overlooked thing, especially when people are arranging summer corporate events. Ambience allows the participants to enjoy a perfect sunset, and extend the event into the night without any lighting issues.

You can look around online for some of the best ambient lighting setups for outdoor events. After this step, you should have a nicely lit up outdoor space ready to host a great summer corporate event that everyone will remember.

Book An Entertainment Well In Advance

Having an entertainment source in your summer corporate event can add a nice touch to the overall theme. That is why you need to book some sort of entertainment well in advance to avoid any embarrassment at the last minute. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot look for a nice entertainment at the last minute.

You can choose from many locally available entertainment sources that match the theme of your summer corporate event.

These were the steps you will need to take in order to host a perfect summer company event. Be sure to get the services of reliable corporate tent rentals Rockland NY and other vendors.

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