6 Things You Should Do Before You Hire AC Repair Services

Just like any other appliance, you might be having in your home, the air conditioner develops a wide range of problems. When the unit develops problems, many homeowners rush to hire AC repair services providers. This is wrong as you end up spending money on a problem that you could have fixed by yourself. Before you hire the repair professional, you should do this:

Check the power supply

The most common reason why your unit isn’t working is that it doesn’t have a power supply. Many contractors observe that every time they show up at a home, two in every three cases, the air conditioner is failing to work due to lack of power.

When you notice that your unit isn’t working, you should check the power supply. Are the sockets working as well as they are supposed to? Is there power in the house in the first place? You should check this before you pick the phone to call a repair contractor.

Check the air filters

When many homeowners notice their cooling costs getting high, they assume that their units are having a serious problem that they should have addressed by an expert as soon as possible. One of the primary reasons why your air conditioner will consume a lot of energy is due to a dirty air filter.

The air filter’s role is to control the quality of air getting into the house. When you go for a long time without cleaning the filters, the air conditioner doesn’t receive enough air. As a result of this, it works harder than it should.

Before you conclude that your unit has problems, you should check the condition of the air filters. If they are dirty or damaged, consider replacing them.

Check the breaker in the breaker box

Breakers often trip to protect your home. In most cases, the trips happen when someone shots the power line. Before you conclude that your air conditioner has problems, you should check the breaker box. Has it tripped? If it has, you should put it back on.

Sometimes you might find that the breaker keeps on tripping. When this happens, you should know that you have a large problem on your hands and you should address it immediately. In most cases, the circuit might be pulling more electricity than it should.

This is a problem that you can’t fix by yourself; therefore, you should hire an expert electrician to help you out.

Pay attention to the indoor and outdoor units

The indoor unit has an electrical switch that plays a major role in keeping your home safe. Whenever there is an electrical problem, the switch will flip off. You will check the breaker box and find the switch on, but the air conditioner won’t be turning on.

Before you contact the repair contractor, you should check the indoor unit and ensure that the switch hasn’t flipped off. If it has, put it back on. In addition to this, remember to check the reason for the flip and address it.

When it comes to the outdoor unit, there must be a switch at the outdoor unit that flips off when there is an electrical problem. You should inspect it and if it’s off, put it back on and check whether the air conditioner is working.

Check the condensate drain line

Most of the best air conditioning units have a water safety switch that prevents them from working when there is a water leak. When there is a leak, the switch will switch off. You should check whether the switch has switched off to protect your unit.

For you to prevent the switch from turning off again, you should empty the pan and flush out the drain line.

Check the thermostat

Sometimes the problem might be as simple as fixing the thermostat batteries or resetting the unit. When your air conditioner isn’t working, the problem might be due to a problem with the thermostat. You need to inspect it and identify any issue it might be having.

Are the batteries dead? You should replace them. Sometimes the thermostat might be too old. In such a case, commercial AC repair services ronkonkoma providers recommend that you replace it with a newer, better model.

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