7 Kinds of Bridal Hair Style to Choose for Your Wedding

Looking for a beautiful bridal hair style for your wedding? You come to the right place. Wedding is one of the biggest moment for all people, especially women. Every bride certainly wants to look gorgeous on that special day. That includes how their hair style gotta be. Now there is no need to be confused as we have some suggestion which can inspire you. Here is our list of 7 hairstyles for brides.

  1. Classic Updo

Among of all hairstyles, it seems women never get bored with updo style. It looks simple yet still makes you look elegant and lovely. Updo style is basically combing and tying your hair to the back top of your head in a bun model. You can choose whether you want it with or without bangs.

  1. Braided Style

Braided style is like the second most favorable bridal hair style after the updo. This style is also modest, but it will still keep your true beauty gracefully. What’s more special about it is that there have been so many creative braided hairs you can find in these days. Let’s say we have Dutch braid, upside down braid, milkmaid braid, fishtail braid, and many more.

  1. Cute Pony Tail

If you want to look simple and clean, then you can choose pony tail. This style requires you to tie your hair to the back side. Long time ago, we usually tie it up with a rubber band. But now, to make it look modern and sophisticated, we can use our own hair to bind it firmly.

  1. Vintage Hollywood

Personally, we prefer vintage Hollywood than other styles we mentioned here. Just because it is vintage, it does not mean it will make you look old-fashioned. Instead, this timeless hairstyle will turn you to be so graceful like a princess. To get this style, you need to swipe your hair to one side, either left or right.

  1. Sweet Short

Most women usually prefer to have long hair for their bridal hair style. However, it does not mean you cannot go with the short one. Meanwhile, the most preferable short hairstyle for wedding is medium bob. But, you can also try other short haircut like pompadour.

  1. Pixie Cut

Pixie cut is another short haircut that deserves its own spot. Not many women prefer this short haircut because it is extremely short like boyish cut. Nevertheless, you can still rock this style by using head accessories like tiara or headband. To inspire you, you can check out Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut for her own wedding.

  1. Beauty Long

Now this is the bridal hair style that ladies chose the most for their wedding. You will never go wrong with this model. Not to mention, there is a number of long hair styles you can select out there. For example, there are wavy long hair, curly, straight, etc. If your hair is not long enough, Let’s say around your shoulder, no need to worry. You can simply use hair extensions rockville md to make it longer as you like.

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