Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling ideas on a small budget

Remodeling a kitchen does not have to cost a fortune. Try some of these kitchen remodels that are quirky, affordable and easy.

Open shelves – Instead of upper cabinets, open shelves give more display space and make a small kitchen look bigger. It reduces the clutter in the kitchen.

Upgrade appliances – Opt for energy efficient appliances like convection double oven, energy star certified refrigerator, water saving dishwasher, etc. Or buy contact space saving appliances. For example, the microwave can be placed under the cabinet to save counter space.

Hang pots and pans – To get more storage space, hang the pots and pans on a pot rack because it provides more cabinet space and adds a certain character to the kitchen.

Change hardware – A unified look with knobs and pulls can add a new personality to the kitchen. Go for deeper counters as these can store more appliances and give more working space. Install hinges and glides, instead of slamming doors and drawers.

A pop of color to the ceiling – Go for ceiling tiles and laminated floor surfaces painted to fit the color scheme. Install diagonal pattern floor tiles to make the kitchen appear longer.

Try painting – Painting cabinets, ceilings and walls can make the kitchen look more spacious. For example, a coat of white paint can brighten up the space, hardware can be added to the drawers and mismatched white chairs and stools can make the kitchen look pretty. One can also go for roman shades that add a hint of the color in a white kitchen. A single bowl farmhouse kitchen sink is also a great option.

Try lighting effect – One can give the illusion of space by using lights under the cabinet or the counter. You can go for ceiling light and control the dimmers. Proper lighting can make the kitchen look bigger.

Allow the light to enter in – When remodeling the space in the kitchen, you can install huge windows that will make the kitchen appear larger.

Rethinking the sink – Pair the sink with countertop materials. Top it off with an arc shaped faucet with the help of a plumber. Learn more.

Budget backsplash – Try to use backsplashes like ceramic tile or glass backsplash with multicolored mosaic tiles that can be replaced in a few minutes.

For more such quirky ideas, get in touch with a qualified kitchen remodeling expert who can help remodel your kitchen on a small budget. You can click here to check out their blog.

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