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Why the Kitchen is the Most Important Home Remodeling Project

Of all of the rooms in the home, the kitchen is arguably the most critical room in the home when considering home remodeling for a variety of reasons.

They say the kitchen is “the heart is the home.” The kitchen is a gathering place for most families and guests. Dinner parties, meals, holiday cooking, birthday cakes, Christmas cookies… all of it originates in the kitchen. It is a place of function, warmth, beauty and more. So, it makes sense that home owners would want to have that dream kitchen.

If you have been considering remodeling your home and wondering where to start, here are two HUGE reasons you may want to start with the kitchen.

Return on Investment

When purchasing a home, people tend to look at the kitchens and baths. Money spent on a kitchen will be the most likely investment to hold value in the resale.

Highest Use

It may not be the room that families spend the most time in, but it is frequently the room that is the most used. For this reason, investing on quality appliances, cabinets, flooring, and countertops is a decision that makes sense.


If you have decided that the kitchen is in fact the room of the home you want to remodel, the next step is to consider your budget. The average cost of a higher end kitchen remodeling project can run in the 50-80k range, but even investing $20,000 judiciously can bring in more in a resale.

To help you decide how to frame your budget and plan priority items, here is a breakdown of the costs of an average kitchen remodel: Kitchen contractor

  • Important tip: Any project comes with the unexpected. Remember to set aside 20% of your total budget for those incidentals, and you will have a much better chance of staying within budget.

Now that you have set a budget and priority renovation tasks, you can choose the right contractor. There are some parts of the project that you may decide to take on yourself, but for the most part, having an experienced contractor is essential to a successful kitchen remodel. They have the expertise and the resources to properly install appliances, flooring, countertops, fixtures and more that exceed the limitations most homeowners have when it comes to home renovations.

When shopping for dc contractors, be sure to have a very specific plan and budget to pave the way for clear communications and a smooth working relationship. You will want to be able to articulate a firm budget, expectations of project start and completion, understanding of their work habits, methods of communications, contingency plans in the case of the unexpected, and extensive research into their references, past experience and licensing and insurance.

Often times, these projects become taxing both emotionally and financially, but with the proper planning, highly capable help, and realistic expectations your kitchen remodeling project can be fun and invigorating.

Make it a reflection of your values and a place that feels comfortable for your family and the project will pay for itself regardless of whether you stay in for life or resell the home for someone else to enjoy.

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