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The sweet pain of motherhood

She’ll be home soon. I look at the tastefully decorated house, beautifully wrapped gifts while I go through the menu for the twentieth time. My daughter turned three today, the feeling is overwhelming. Time flies, flies fast.

Today, when I look in the mirror, I see a mother who has wrapped her life around the child wonderfully. A mother who never misses any doctor appointments, or parent-teacher meetings, who keeps a record of every little precious thing related to the child from the first time she wore the school uniform to the first time she called her father from the mobile phone on her own. Today, I am a mother who doesn’t fear losing her daughter’s important documents. Today, I am a proud mother.

Would it be a surprise if I tell you that my life was very different when she was born.

Neither the endless classes I took on parenting nor the hours long dialogue I had with my doctor on the do’s and don’ts of child care prepared me for what was coming. Nobody taught me how to carry the tasks with one hand or to smell poop from a mile. Nobody told me to forget about my much-loved seven hours of sleep. And most importantly, nobody told me to document everything related to your kid because they grow fast, with the speed of light.

Juggling between changing diapers, breast feeding and memorizing your vaccination dates, I completely forgot to document the date when you first smiled, the first time you responded when you name was called and the moment when you first recognized me. Although, I give myself a thousand reasons for not being able to do so such as the mind has finite space to store and remember tasks or raising a child is a 25-hours job in a day, I still secretly regret it.

When I look back today, I wish there was Nurturey back then. With the assistance from its various productivity tools for parents, my life would’ve been much simpler. I wouldn’t have had sleepless nights about forgetting the doctor’s appointments or maintaining my child’s health records or documenting the priceless moments.

That was light years ago! Now, you have Nurturey to share the load and make you better organized and more efficient. Parents also need to be taken care of. After all, parents are people too. So, sign up today, at http://bit.ly/1uoSgVh and make parenting a breeze. You could visit their FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/nurtureyonweb

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