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Wall Spackling – Getting Rid Of The Ugly Wall Dents

Is it necessary to hire a wall spackling contractor to spackle the wall? Well, opting for the DIY route may lead to time-consuming activities with heavy loads to consider. First of all, why do you need to get a wall spackled? Definitely, there ought to be some dents or pores in the wall that needs to be repaired before the actual painting starts.

For smaller holes, dings, and dents, spackling putty or paste can be the best solution without compromising the paper on drywall. What is the condition of the drywall? Is it ok or is there any sort of damage at the core area of the drywall? Is the drywall paper improper? If the holes are small and no less than a quarter of an inch in-depth, then spackling can be the best cure for such a problem.

Wall Spackling in details

Spackling paste, putty, or compound is a very common product used to repair dents and holes in walls. It is commonly available in any store that deals with home hardware products. This gypsum-based product comes premixed and can be compared to drywall compound in regards to the consistency factor. Spackling wall is available in small cans at most of the painting supplies stores.

There are several renowned and popular brands available when it comes to spackling manufacturing. These are easily identifiable. These days, there are wide ranges of options when you intend to purchase spackling products. The three common variants available are:

  • Vinyl Spackling
  • Fast Drying Spackling
  • Color Changing Spackling

Each of the variant comes in small jars or cans with label being attached that specifies clearly about the components, purpose and features of these products. Spackling, as mentioned above, is used for filling up of small dings, holes, and dents in your drywall or plaster surfaces. This needs to be done prior to any painting work to get rid of the blemishes in the surface. Multiple layers of coating is required when carrying out spackling. However, in between applying of coatings, suitable interval is required for drying purpose. Also, prior to the painting task, spackling should be sanded properly.

Wall Spackling can be expensive

Consult a painter and you will learn about the expensive nature of spackling. The small cans available can be quite expensive. The composition of the spackling compound is mostly water and gypsum. There is not much of difference between a normal drywall compound and spackling compound other than the price factor.

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