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DIY with Pillow Inserts: Comfy Chic Throw Pillows for Sofas, Benches

How do you choose the perfect pillows for decorating your living spaces? For one, you have to be particular with how comfortable they are, especially if you plan to use them as your headrest for napping, too. Then, you have to consider other relevant details, such as the size, shape, appearance, and price.

Pillows with polyester fillings would be a great choice in general, as they offer good support, and they are not as expensive as other specialized inserts. Choose the thickness and form that you find comfortable to rest your head on (or hug) or to rest your back or bottom on for seat accents. Make sure the pillow cover goes well with the furniture or the room’s design.

A new set of pillows could drastically improve the look and function of your living room or even outdoor spaces. You can find an assortment of throw pillows to suit your style and preferences. There are items made with bold colors or interesting patterns, from quality materials that accent your furniture and give it an inexpensive, lasting makeover.

Otherwise, you can make your own pillows; it’s one of the easiest sewing projects you can try. Get some polyester throw pillow inserts in the size and shape you want, throw your choice of pillow case on it, or make your own with colorful fabrics. Here are some ideas you can play around with:

Vibrant Prints or Palettes

Fabrics with earthy or natural tones like moss greens and browns, rainbow-colored patterns, tribal prints, and other palettes can breathe life into dull, solid upholsteries. You can find designs that match the other furnishings in the room (e.g. your beddings, throws, and rugs) Use buttons to make tufted pillows, which would be classy accents for sofas, benches, and ottomans, too.

Stylish Recycled Fabrics

Do you have an old sweater or t-shirt that doesn’t fit anymore? If the colors or prints of the fabric is still in mint condition, why not create a one-of-a-kind pillow case with it? Knit sweaters are quite lovely and plush when repurposed as pillow cases (or even covers for seat cushions and backboards). You could also use statement shirts for unique, modern rooms, and linen shirts for crisp, traditional pillows.

Online stores like Pillow Perfect carry a huge selection of decorative pillows, affordable throw pillow inserts, and various fabrics. Just shop around, and buy or create your perfectly comfy and chic home accessories.

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