Characteristics of marble countertops

So, when you go to a marble countertops company, what do you ask them? Chances are that you would not consider expensive options like marble. Unless of course, you have plenty of money to invest.

Most homeowners who want both value and affordability will go for less expensive options such as quartz or engineered stone, etc. However, some homeowners may also want nothing, but the highest quality and a luxury look in the kitchen.

This is where marble countertops can help you out. So, if you are still confused about whether you should get marble countertops, we have put together several characteristics of marble in this article.

This may help you in determining whether marble is the right material for your countertops or not. So, let us get into it.

The characteristics of marble

Marble is a unique igneous rock, that comes in a range of different colors. It gives off a very luxury look, with all types of finishing. For instance, marble slabs that are matte finished and gloss finished, both look very good.

Generally, marble has the following characteristics:

Spectacular looks

Again, nothing matches the decency and good vibe that marble offers. You can choose marble countertops in a range of different hues and finishing. Furthermore, marble always has a unique pattern.

So, you will never find two identical slabs of marble. The designs and patterns on each slab will be different from the rest. This is what makes marble so unique for homeowners.

Heat resistant

Just like granite tops and few other natural rocks, marble offers great heat resistance. So, it is suitable for kitchens in which there is a lot of work involved. For instance, as a homeowner, you will not have to worry about placing hot stuff on the marble countertop.

Since it has a very low thermal conductivity, it will not heat up easily and hence, will not expand on heating. In comparison, many other cheaper countertop options can expand a little due to heat which results in cracking.

However, marble countertops are going to serve you for decades. This is the prime reason why most home-owners get marble.


Marble is a very dense and durable material. However, on the downside, marble is also prone to getting cracked. Moreover, countertop manufacturers often do not provide warranty on marble tops that are installed in kitchens. And since marble is not cheap, many homeowners are hesitant to install these countertops in their house.

With that, marble may also be prone to getting scratched from sharp objects such as knives. Such scratches are permanent, most of the time. They may also become more apparent if you have not properly sealed the countertop.

Requires sealing

Moreover, unlike other materials, marble will require sealing from time to time. This is a requirement for granite countertops also, but not for quartz. This is because both granite and marble countertops have a porous structure.

So, liquid seeps into them very easily, which results in staining. Such stains are permanent. They may fade away over-time but will never completely go away. This is the prime reason why homeowners must seal their marble countertops after every few months.


Now that you know about all the traits of marble countertops, you might be ready to make an investment in this material. Just make sure that your choice is backed up with enough foresight and thought. Otherwise, you may end up making the wrong decision.

Also, do not hesitate in asking marble countertop replacement Raleigh NC companies for some advice. This way, you will not regret your choices and will be able to get maximum value from your purchase.

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