Top 5 Windows Replacement Ideas

When looking for new replacement first of all you need to clearly understand your budget and style (or at least understand where you need to put them: kitchen, bathroom, dining room or summer cottage). Also a Brampton windows company insists on the fact that you always have to know how much maintenance you are ready to do or pay for them. In this article 5 most popular types of replacement windows were collected and their pros and cons were discovered.


Wooden windows, as a rule, cost from $250 to $1,000-plus per one window.

Advantages of wooden windows

  • They have very aesthetic appeal and can match to any type of interior or exterior.
  • They can be easily painted.
  • As compared to other types they are more energy efficient.

Disadvantages of wooden windows

  • They require a lot of ongoing maintenance (for example, vinyl windows replacement requires almost no maintenance).
  • They are exposed to moisture.

In general wood is one of the most versatile materials for windows replacement: it can be easily shaped or milled to fit non-standard spaces and can also be stained or painted in order to match your home’s style. It has high ranks in insulation if you properly maintain it. But, as said above, it is vulnerable to moisture, so wood windows replacement requires much more maintenance as compared to other types of windows; furthermore, they require regular repainting and staining. And on top of that wooden windows are much more expensive than vinyl windows replacement.


The cheapest clad-wood window you can find at a price of $200 and there is no limit for the most expensive one.

Advantages of clad-wood windows

  • If you use exterior cladding then you get better frame protection.
  • The biggest benefit is that you need no maintenance if choosing this type.
  • As compared to vinyl windows replacement or regular wooden windows it has much better quality of insulation.

Disadvantages of clad-wood windows

  • Yes, it gives good frame protection but spoils the exterior aesthetic appeal of wood.
  • The variety of colors for the exterior is very limited.
  • In case you have vinyl as the exterior material – you cannot paint it.

Brampton windows professionals say that this type is not the best one to choose if you need an all-purpose window. Clad-wood replacement windows have a very thin vinyl or aluminum layer (which in fact is called cladding) on the exterior part. It minimizes regular maintenance works but spoils the appearance. The interior part can be stained or painted with any color desired. Clad-wood will bring you the aesthetics of wood and wood’s energy efficiency, strength, and stability but only in the interior part. And you still lose the beauty of your outside part of the house. And remember, that aluminum-clad windows you can paint on the exterior part and vinyl replacement clad-wood windows you cannot.


Vinyl replacement windows prices in Brampton, for instance, start from $150 per window.

Advantages of vinyl windows

  • Most vinyl replacement windows cost up to $700 for one piece, so they are relatively inexpensive.
  • They do not require much maintenance.
  • Insulation function of vinyl replacement windows is absolutely unquestionable.

Disadvantages of vinyl windows

  • Vinyl is not as strong material as wood, so vinyl frames supposed to be made much thicker.
  • Vinyl windows are a bad choice for climates with extreme temperatures.

So far, vinyl replacement windows is the most popular type of window replacement in the hole world. The reasons of this fact are absolutely obvious: they are cheaper than fiberglass or wood windows; they insulate very well and do not require much maintenance. The color of them runs through the whole material, so vinyl windows will not show damages such obvious as some other types. You can get any color needed, and vinyl windows can be easily painted.


Here the price for one window starts from $250.

Advantages of fiberglass windows

  • They require absolutely no maintenance.
  • They are not affected by any extreme temperatures.
  • They can be easily painted.

Disadvantages of fiberglass windows

  • The price is higher as compared to vinyl windows.
  • Do not have natural appeal of wood.

Experts from Brampton are sure that if your budget allows you to but fiberglass then it is a much better choice than vinyl windows replacement. Fiberglass does not have natural aesthetics of wood, but on the other had it has a variety of colors and also it is maintenance-free. They have good insulation abilities. Fiberglass is a much stronger material than vinyl so can withstand temperature extremes, so it will have a much better usable lifespan.


One aluminum replacement window can cost from $150 to $1,000-plus.

Advantages of aluminum windows

  • Aluminum is a very light yet strong materialю
  • Requires almost no maintenance.
  • The price is average.

Disadvantages of aluminum windows

  • They have very poor insulation characteristics.
  • They require a lot of maintenance in coastal areas.

Aluminum replacement windows are very strong, durable and lightweight. They do not require much regular maintenance, but at the same time can be painted in different colors on interior and exterior parts if desired. However, aluminum windows have bad insulation properties as compared to vinyl windows replacement. This disadvantage can be changed for the better if maintaining them with thermal breaks, but this procedure has its cost.

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