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When going to any special occasion as a photographer you would notice professionals with their 600mm lenses, or when checking photos online you see notices that they were taken with expensive gear. So every time an ordinary photographer asks him or herself: “Will I be able to get something like that one day?” Once the author of this article met a guy who said that he used the service of (he was 19 and had Canon Mark II). After doing some research, you can understand that camera gear rental is a perfect way to temporarily reinforce your photo gear and accessories. Here you can check the situations when camera rental can be useful.

Evaluating Camera Gear

When improving your skills you always want to get as good camera as you can. But before purchasing any gear all professionals advise to try it in the field. In case you decided to buy something really expensive, it is likely that none of your friends will give their cameras to try. So here the best option is to think about gear and camera rental. A lot of stores usually let slap on a lens to a camera to try, but if you think of camera rental then you are on the right way, because you can try your gear on-location and check which camera or lens is better for your purposes. Remember that there is a great difference between in-store photos and on-location shoots. Moreover, if renting gear you can check different camera, lenses, flashes, etc. side-by-side on one location and then compare the results received. After that, to find the best gear item, you can also compare the photos on computer with big screen. In case you do not have one either ask for such service in a photo store or get a computer rental. And the latest step to do is to get a consultation from a shop assistant, it is true that they are willing to sell you everything, but still they are professionals in what they do!

Periodic Encounters

Camera and computer rentals allow you to rapidly increase your gear list from time to time if your necessity in extra gear happens to be not very often or even short term. This is very useful in cases where extra gear is needed for an occasion which you do not encounter frequently. Camera gear rentals give you a free way to various kinds of cameras, lenses, and accessories which you usually do not use, but they are required for this exact shoot. Rentals in general also can give you a backup system when you might need it (if your computer said “good bye” and you need to process your photos very quickly for the tomorrow’s deadline then computer rental will just save your head!). Camera rental can also help when travelling if you need to make a shot somewhere far from where you live then rental will prevent the need to ship or travel with all your gear.

Rental Agreements

If you are thinking of computer or camera rental, you need to very carefully read the contract before signing. There check information about deposits, late fees, or what you have to do in case of damage.


You can have noticed that the prices for new gear vary from company to company, but even a quick look at camera and computer rental services will clarify that all the companies in this market charge about 2-4% of the real cost of a new purchase (rental period for around 3 days). As a result you can choose the best gear needed and do not waste money on lenses or soft-boxes which are not needed at all. So rent a camera, take perfect shots, and good luck!

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