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2 Surefire ways of Making Money Online

You may be thinking to yourself, “Only 2 ways? I thought there was way more!”

Well… yes, there are more but the other ways may return too little income or be too complicated or time consuming.

That’s why I am about to reveal to you these ‘2 surefire ways to make money online’ that actually work, and I know that they work because I have used them and as a result, I am a Work at Home Guru.

The first way to make money online is through Freelancing.

If you don’t already know what freelancing is, freelancing is the act of working for a company or an individual as an independent contractor.

You can be a freelancer whether you have skills or not. Of course it’s going to be a lot easier for you if you already have skills but you can work as a freelancer even if you don’t have any skills. For example, there are entry level positions such as data entry that doesn’t require skills.

Here’s where the big bucks comes in…If you do have a skill and you are good at what you do then you have the option of making big bucks by charging the client whatever you deem fit.

There are several freelancing companies out there, some of them are legitimate and some are actually scammy, so you have to be careful.

The second surefire way to make money online is through internet marketing.

Now this is the BIG one…you can make thousands per month with internet marketing.

There are several different types of internet marketing but which one is the surefire way to make the big bucks?

If you said Email Marketing, then you are correct.

Before I found out about the Money Printer (Email Marketing) I used to blog a lot and make money off my blogs (through ads, product promo, etc), but if you know anything about blogs you know that search engine traffic is the driving factor behind then and one change in Google’s algorithm can crash your entire world within a second.

This was the story of my life… until I found Email Marketing.

No algorithm changes can affect it, it’s a constantly earning you an income, it doesn’t matter the weather, the time of day or even your mood, you can make money off this thing completely off of a autopilot.

It is almost a ‘set it and forget it’ method, ALMOST. Yes you have to put in a little work but once you get it up and running, the money comes pouring in and the work gets less. To me, it’s more long term and a higher earner than any other ‘make money online’ source.

If you are interested in these two surefire ways to make money online and you don’t know where to start or you don’t want to get entangled with scammy sites, Online Jobs for Jamaicans offers a fantastic course program that teaches you everything you need to know about freelancing and email marketing, including but not limited to legitimate freelancing sites, how to land your first online job, step by step instructions, tools you will need, etc, plus they also have a job forum which sources legitimate online jobs.

You can visit them at for detailed information.

Ps. There are 2 important things you must have if you are going to start working online; paypal and payoneer. These are two payment service providers that will help you to get your cash in your hand when you get paid from working online.

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