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Remodelling Your Bathroom? Take a Look at These 2015 Bathroom Trends

Remodelling a bathroom is a big project no matter what size it is. Indeed, you will invest a significant amount of money (and time, if you do your renovations on your own) in this project. Given that you will keep your new bathroom’s design for many years, you want to make sure that you made the right decisions before undertaking this extreme makeover. During this article, we will tell you about some of 2015’s hottest bathroom trends to help you choose your new bathroom’s style.

Copper and Gold are Trendy Colors

While in previous years silver was a very popular color for faucets and pipes, it will be replaced by copper and gold in 2015. These colors are also appropriate for bathroom accessories such as mirrors, handles, etc. When matched with a contemporary styled bathroom, these faucets, pipes and accessories will look stunning.

Wood is a Great Material for This Year’s Bathrooms

Wood has been popular in bathrooms for a while now. What is different this year is that warm wood colors are taking over clearer tones. Expect to see a lot of chocolate, mahogany and gold wood furniture in showrooms this year.

If you wish to integrate wood into your new bathroom even more, put wood imitating tiles on your walls. When combined with white furniture, these tiles create a modern and pure bathroom that you will want to spend a lot of time in.

Black is the New Black in Bathrooms This Year

Perhaps you are looking for a different style than wood tiles on the wall with white furniture. If it is the case, we have another suggestion for you : integrate black!

Indeed, black will give you a very chic bathroom if you install a black shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, etc. While you may be hesitant to integrate black into your bathroom at first, browsing through the various bathroom models in showrooms will show you how beautiful it can look. Like the saying goes, don’t knock it until you try it!

Use Large Tiles on Your floor to Make it Look Amazing

Using large tiles on your bathroom’s floor will contribute to make it look luxurious. Have you noticed that most dream bathrooms shown in decor magazines do not use small tiles? Using large tiles is a great step to take to make your bathroom look like a dream one shown in magazines. In 2015, expect to see a lot of 50 X 50 cm or 60 X 60 cm floor tiles.

This concludes our article on some of 2015’s bathroom trends. We hope that we have helped you to decide the look of your new bathroom. In the meantime, if you need advice on your project or have some about bathroom remodelling, do not hesitate to contact a bathroom designer near you. He or she will help you to create a room that you will love and that you will want to spend quality time in.

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