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A Unique and Collectable Gift – Custom Coins

Custom coin can be a really unique and special piece. We all have heard about customization. As its name suggest anything that is custom is one of its kind. Custom coins can be used for various purposes.

  1. Military Coins

These coins are used in military as custom military coins. They are used to give members a sense of belonging as each coin is exclusive and bears the organizations emblem. When anyone performs extraordinarily, then also a coin is presented to him or her. This is a tradition that is rooted in history. In ancient times when plastic or paper identification cards are were not common, coins are used for identifying soldiers.

The use of coins in military in so important that there is a tradition of” challenge” to ensure that unit member must carry their coins all the time. Rules of the challenge may vary from organization to organization but it always starts by slapping the coin on the table.

  1. Marketing Coins

Today custom coins are used in many other ways. Like for product promotion and as a marketing tool. If a company uses coins for advertising, chances are that people will keep them even after the campaign will be over. Most people don’t associate value with paper or plastic business cards. However, if something is made of metal and carries a certain weight, it captures attention! Marketers can also use coins for building brand awareness.

  1. Souvenirs Coins

Other areas where custom coins can be used are fundraisers and giving a prize for some achievements. These accomplishments may be in various areas like sports, politics and others.

  1. Wedding Coins

Increasingly, custom coins are being used as wedding gifts. Coin can be the most long lasting wedding gift. Likewise a successful marriage is defined by the fact that how long it lasted. Couples can design their own wedding coin. They can choose any material like gold. Usually it includes name of the couple and wedding date. If you want to make it fancy than both 2D and 3D pictures can be imprinted on the coin.

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