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Moving tips that’ll make your shifting easy!

Moving into a new house is fun and exciting thing until you have to think what stuff you should pack and how to have a hassle free house moving. It badly hurts when valuable assets breaks during moving.

When you are moving your house

Moving brings out several emotions out of people. For some shifting from their house is a happy and exciting thing but for a few people it is a complicated misery. If you are one of those people who have planned to move their family into a new house, then below are some moving tips that will make your moving a lot easier. Keep on reading to get your possessions successfully shifted and organized in your new accommodation.

Moving checklist

#1: Be color coordinated: Choose a specific color label for packing stuff of each room. This will make unpacking task simpler. You can find your things in your new house without browsing all the cartons. Pack items of every room in separate cartons, so that the boxes can be unpacked in their designated room only.

#2: Pack important items in clear wrap: Things like utensils, paper box cutter, trash bags, phone chargers, toilet paper etc. are important things that you’ll need ASAP when you reach in your new house. To make the search for these stuffs easier pack them in a clear wrap.

#3: Keep it light: Make sure that you do not overload your boxes. A good moving rule is to pack one stack of things per box. Put heavier items in the bottom and lighter on the top. This will minimize the damage risk.

#4: Wrap it all: Wrap all fragile and breakable cutlery and glass ware in sheets of bubble wrap or cloths and place them vertically in the moving boxes. Placing them vertical in the boxes (like records) will minimize the chances of getting damaged during the shifting.

#5: Call the movers: If you are planning a big move, then it is best that you contact and hire movers for shifting. It will be beneficial for you, if you start your search for reputable movers a few weeks before moving.

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