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3 Things to Consider when Choosing Office Moving Company

Whether you’re moving your office or the entire company across the country or even to a nearby neighborhood, such commercial moving can be hard. You can make some steps to facilitate this process: create a moving cheat list or learn all the existing tips. But still you cannot make your commercial moving done until you figure out everything possible about the mover that you want to hire. Here we have collected 3 main things for you to know about when choosing a moving company:

1) Check Movers Reviews

Checking reviews is one of the best ways to know as much as you can about the moving company. As you know, every Calgary mover has a web-site and is frequently discussed at forums. The Internet is an extremely powerful tool, so check out moving company reviews at both options. No commercial moving company will tell you anything bad about it so it is highly advised to read third-party sites to get to know ordinary people’s opinions about a certain company. Also there is no need to be afraid asking around for a reputable commercial moving company (especially in Calgary, where people are of ready sympathy), word-of-mouth reviews are very helpful. And with no doubt, you have all rights to ask the moving company itself for any references which it can provide.

2) Figure Out How Movers Charge

Interstate Moving: If you can understand how and what for a mover charges you it helps to get more insight into a company’s specialty. For example, if a mover in Calgary has charges per mile, then as a rule it does not specialize in long-distance moving even if it says the opposite. Almost all legitimate movers will charge you by weight and postal codes for long distance commercial moving. And beware of the movers who have charges per cubic feet.

Local Moving: As a rule, most movers will charge you based on an hourly rate depending on a couple of factors: the quantity of people and equipment needed for your move. If a mover offers a flat rate, do not be naive, because the flat rate does not mean that your price is fixed. In any case make sure that the mover has accurate inventory of the things which require to be moved; that the loaders know the exact box count and are aware of flights of stairs, long walks, elevators, etc.

3) Size and specialty skills of the commercial moving company

Check the possibilities that you get for your commercial moving from a company. Learn about its resources: the number of workers, trucks, and dollies. Sometimes small movers just cannot handle a big move and scope that you need. Remember, not to be in illusion – moving trucks fill up very quickly! If commercial movers require too many trips to make then productivity and time will be lost forever.

Specialty is very important because relocation of an art gallery or a scuba-diving center is absolutely different! Not every commercial moving company can handle all these types of items efficiently and safely, so it is highly recommended to find out everything about your Calgary mover before hiring it. Also try to apply only to strictly commercial movers because there is a key difference between a residential and a commercial move: as a homeowner you might have only a couple of paintings and the same number of computers, while as a business owner you would need to relocate dozens of art pieces and thousands of computers! Make sure that the commercial moving company will wish to package each of your items carefully.

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