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Moving Options in Alberta

Today people are moving to Alberta more and more as it is a very fast developing province of Canada. By saying “move” you need to understand that it is not just moving from one province to another around Canada but also long distance moving from other countries. So here are a couple of useful facts to consider when moving to Alberta.

1. Hire a Driver Directly

A lot of movers companies in Calgary usually subcontract long-distance jobs to drivers, who hire a moving crew for themselves. So instead of in fact paying twice for the same service it would be much cheaper to directly hire a driver who has his or her own truck. Be aware of the fact, that in this case many drivers do not offer you insurance for your belongings but can still save some money on that.

It is usually pretty a question how to find a skilled driver. Experts in long distance moving advise to check Yelp or Craigslist and read some references about the drivers there. Also a great idea is to consult with your friends who have already moved with one driver they might give you a lot of useful information.

2. Drive Yourself

If you have the necessary driver’s license for driving a huge moving truck then it saves you a bunch of money on your long distance move. It is hard but lots of people do it. Here your only step is only to find a reliable company to rent a truck for one-way trip. But a very important fact here is that while driving a truck you need to take days off at your regular job. Calculate your losses and benefits from not hiring a movers company and then make the final decision.

3. Get Free Moving Boxes

Usually people are trying to get free boxes in the stores but be aware that there are boxes specially designed for moving. And moreover, you still can get them for free! In case you use a movers company in Calgary for your move, stop at their office and ask for that boxes. They will firstly offer you to buy new ones, but if you take used boxes they will give you them for free. Also you can take used boxes from people who have just moved. To find them check Craigslist.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

Sell the stuff that you do not need any more and save a lot of money on that! For this purpose you can either arrange a garage sale or, which is easier but takes much more time, put the items you want to sale on the Internet beforehand. In both ways you get money for selling useless stuff so you can compensate your losses on long distance moves.

5. Ask for Help

Usually it appears to be very hard to pack all the stuff yourself. So ask your friends and relatives to help you. Start this process beforehand because sometimes even extra hands cannot solve the problem of “I have too much stuff for packing and cannot do it in time”. If you do not want to be in chaos during the packing process the easiest way is to hire a professional movers company in Calgary to forget at least about this headache.

Now you know the main things about the process of long distance movingso do not hesitate and start your journey to Alberta – the province of your dreams!

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