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How Soon Can You Repeat Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment can be addictive if you drool over your straight and frizz-free hair more than you should. That’s the reason people look around for ways to be repetitive with their Brazilian keratin salon visits.

Here’s all the details regarding repetitive keratin treatment you might be looking for:

Keratin can be repeated thrice a year to give your hair an immaculate look

People start swooning over their straight and silky hair and that’s the reason they don’t like their Keratin to fade away any time of the year. If you don’t like getting rid of your keratin-carrying hair, of course, you can make them stick around — it is not a difficult thing after all.

So, here’s the thing: you can repeat the Keratin process thrice a year and that is the best way to make your straight hair last as long as a year. You’ll not have to spend time running a flat-iron upon your frizzy hair every time you leave for an important office meeting, or someone’s birthday party. You can see your hair without frizzes all year long.

To save some redo’s you can make a single treatment last for one extra month by aftercare

It’s a no-brainer that Keratin hair treatment stays for 3 months on its own, and if you get the after-care properly done, it can linger on for one more month. If you make a one-time treatment stay for 4 months, you would not need it more than thrice a year.

There’s a couple of things you can do to make it last for another month. Using a purple shampoo and Keratin-specific conditioner is one of those things you gotta get under your umbrella in the first place. There’s a bunch of other things you can ask from your stylist in order to make it last for thirty more days.

You can repeat keratin as many times as you want because the process is not so invasive

Keratin is just an essential that is already there in your hair but due to pollution and a number of other reasons, it begins to diminish and soon disappears from the body of your hair before you even notice it. Hence, Keratin treatment can never prove to be damaging for your hair’s core nature.

If you never want to give up on your smooth and straight hair, you can revise Keratin as many times as you like. There would be no side effects to it.

If you repeat keratin twice or thrice, you might not need it at least for a year

If you keep on repeating Keratin thrice or so in the same year, you might not be needing it at all in the year to come. It’s because repeated Keratin leaves a long-lasting impact on your hair, even after it has faded, it is so likely to leave your hair with nearly the same look. This is how you can spend a Keratin-free 12 months without worrying about frizzy and damaged hair.

If your hair is habitual of going through coloring and bleaching treatments, keratin can prove to be a savior

If your hair has gone through various hair treatments in the past, it becomes more prone to damages and residues. Keratin can prove to be a repairing agent in this scenario as it can rejuvenate your hair and instill them with a fresh wave of livelihood. Keratin can make the results of bleaching and hair dyeing matter least.

If you want straight hair for a lifetime, you better be aware that Keratin, or should we say repetitive keratin, is not the solution.

Yes, it’s true that you can repeat this process as many times as you want but what’s the use of it? You can’t rely on redo’s for the rest of your life. Imagine the money you’d be spending if you get it repeated three times every single year. Even if you have a crush on smooth and straight hair and you wanna keep them the way they are right now, you should perhaps opt for an alternate treatment because Keratin is not a permanent hair smoothing treatment.

Choose reputable salons or the one that you trust the most to get the right results you are used to. If you want to try a new keratin treatment salon Rockville, don’t forget to check out their social media.

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