Allergy Doctor: Allergy Home Remedies That You Should Consider

When many people are suffering from skin allergy, the first thing they do is to visit an allergy doctor. You should know that you don’t have to always do this as there are many herbs that you can easily find in your home and use. Some of the best ones that you should go for are:


Also known as Cassia fistula, you can use this herb for a wide range of irritations on the skin. You should apply a paste of the herb on your skin when you are experiencing any form of inflammation. Experts also recommend that you apply it on your hands and feet when you are suffering from extreme cold.

If you are suffering from hives or accumulation of fluids under the skin, you should also highly consider going for it.


It goes by the scientific name, Lawsonia inermis and it’s an excellent remedy for skin allergies. You can use it for different skin conditions such as hives, boils, swellings and other kinds of inflammations. When you apply the herb on your skin, it cools the skin, and at the same time, it removes the allergy symptoms.

Holy basil

The holy basil is heavily used in India. It’s loved by many for its many medicinal properties. When it comes to the treatment of skin allergies, it’s recommended that you apply it to the skin when you are suffering from any types of itches and rashes.

The cool thing about it is that it works very fast thus within just a few hours, you start seeing the results.


The herb is a remedy that has been used for years for the treatment of skin problems. When you get the herb, you should make it paste and apply it on the skin. On application, the paste soothes the skin, and in the process, it prevents the allergies from coming about.

For you to get permanent relief, you should keep the paste smeared on the skin for an hour or more before you wash it off. In addition to using the paste to treat skin allergy, you can also use to manage erysipelas, prurigo, and many others.


These are some of the herbs that you can use to treat your skin allergy condition. While most of the herbs work effectively, if you notice that they aren’t giving you the results that you are looking for, you should consult an allergy physician who will help you out.

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