Benefits of authorized Benz service centers and independent shops

Whether my Benz car is to be repaired at authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops or is it enough to carry out the repair works in private workshops. This is one of the usual questions that are asked by many Benz owners.   It is not easy to answer it very simply as both the practices have their own merits and demerits. Let us examine some of them.

Authorized shops

We have seen many car dealers trying to expand their campaigns by offering dealer services.  They are offering warranties to attract customers as the dealer service has been reduced from 70 % to meager 20 % of the total services done. Dealers have employed many certified Mercedes Benz mechanic. They mainly work on the makes they sell. As they are very experienced in car problems they will be able to spot locate the reason for the problem noticed very quickly and accurately. Spare parts will be available there, even if they are not available in the most popular spare parts shop as they are owned by the company itself. Service charges of authorized Mercedes Benz repair shops are often little higher than independent shops as they have to pay too much for training, cutting edge technologies, overhead charges etc. Now this trend is changing as the independent shop owners are also becoming up to date with technology and facilities.

Independent shops

Now let us examine the situation in an independent shop. Previously authorized shops have not given any importance to after sale service and therefore independent shops were thriving. Now things have changed. As the car dealers are trying to attract owners for service purpose by giving different offers, the situation is changing very fast. Knowing this change the independent shop owners are these days very friendly with car owners and they are given all facilities and friendly discussion regarding the repair work that has to be carried out. Their hourly rates for different services are much lesser than the same offered by authorized centers. Independent shop owners charge flat rate for certain services which are really beneficial for car owners. For calculating the time per job they use the same book used by dealers.  So there will be a reduction of price as the hourly rate of independents is less. Similarly the technicians at independent shops are very experienced and are very experts even though  most of them are not well qualified or is having only knowledge that they acquired by doing repair works for the past few decades.

As a result of rapid changes in technology, more and more facilities, methods and equipment are invented year after year. So if one wishes to get his Benz car repaired in an independent shop he has to ascertain whether any certified Mercedes Benz mechanic  is employed there. He also has to confirm whether the below mentioned facilities/certifications are available there.

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