Wedding Place Cards

5 Creative Wedding Place Cards

When it’s time for the wedding reception, you’ll have your seating chart all planned out. Your guests can file in, find their carefully-chosen seats, and have a cocktail and chat while they wait for dinner to be served. The way they’ll find their seats, of course, is the name cards at every place setting. And like everything else in your wedding, name cards can be as customizable and unique as you want them to be. They can match your wedding theme; they can be formal and chic; they can be rustic and homey. If you’re ready to go creative with your place cards, here are some of the more out-there variants we’ve encountered.

Wood Burned

For a rustic wedding, extend the homespun theme to your place cards and trade your cardstock in for a stout tree branch. Cut the branch into discs, then burn the guest’s names into the discs with a wood-burning kit (available at your local craft store). You can get really impressive-looking results with just a little practice; it’s easier than it looks. And hey, it’s rustic; if the letters aren’t perfect, it’ll just add to the charm. You can also drill a hole through each of the place cards and thread a ribbon through, so your guests can use them as ornaments next Christmas.


They say that if you fold a thousand origami cranes, you can make a wish and it will be granted. Well, you don’t have to fold a thousand origami card holders to make your wedding wishes come true–unless you have a really, really, large wedding. These card holders are a little labor intensive, but they’re cheap and adorable.

Wine Cork Card Holder

These card holders turn out absolutely adorable, and they’re incredibly simple to make. Just cut heavy paper into strips the same height as a wine cork and write your guests’ names on each strip. Then cut a notch lengthwise into two corks, just deep enough to hold the paper. Carefully slide the paper into the corks on each end, and stand them up like a tiny, booze-scented billboard. It’s a great accent for a summer wedding, especially if you’re fortunate enough to get married in a vineyard.

Scrabble Tiles

If you and your partner are board game nerds (like we are), consider making Scrabble tile placeholders. You’ll need to search thrift shops and eBay for old Scrabble games, to begin with. Then just spell out each guest’s name on one of the tile holders, using hot glue to hold the tiles in place. You could even have a little contest to see which guest has the highest score! Pair the Scrabble place cards with a board-game centerpiece and you’ll get a cool look that reflects your interests.

Mini donuts

Of course, if you really want to impress those guests, give them a cute place card that’s also a little snack. All you need are some frosted mini donuts from your local bakery, toothpicks, and paper strips to make flags. Write your guests’ names on the paper strips, glue them to the toothpicks, and then plant your little flags in the mini donuts. It’s cute; it’s easy; and it’s edible. What more could you ask for?

Wedding Sparklers

If you want to combine something that will be charming and useful for your guests, then why not use your place cards as a nifty way to display your wedding sparklers? Rather than just laying them on the table, you can find some free templates online that will allow you to combine seating arrangements and distribution of your wedding favors. When you find a company that has wedding sparklers for sale, they will most likely have access to these templates or can add a few pre-printed ones into your shipment. You’ll make a lasting impression, and best of all you can cross off wedding favors from your “to do” list.

When you’re planning your wedding, you can go into as much or as little detail as you like. If, like us, you delight in all the tiny ways you can customize your wedding, try one of these unconventional place card ideas.

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