Beginner’s Guide to growing plants the hydroponics way

Gardeners are choosing water and nutritional solutions over soil, causing an explosion in popularity with hydroponic gardening and its endless possibilities.  Hydroponic plant growth offers robust yields, fresh produce and healthy eating, all without chemicals.  On top of that, hydroponic gardens take up very little space! Vegetables and herb gardens are very popular and really easy to get started with.  Selecting the correct system, such as a grow room or a grow box and what you want to grow will dictate your available space.


Hydroponics is taking hold in many locations around the world due to its ability to grow where otherwise nothing would grow. In the Mediterranean hydroponics has experienced amazing success due to increasing crop yield and protection against pests and diseases.

The Turkish agricultural industry is seriously looking into the potentials of hydroponic development and technology, showing incredible results throughout the country in numerous hydroponic hothouse projects.

Turkey is well aware of an inevitable agricultural crises in the very near future and are realizing better growth and crop yields is going to  be high in demand.  Developing more efficient techniques and technologies are well worth their research and expenditures.  Hydroponics is surfacing as a very important frontrunner in Turkey and throughout many other countries as well.

Hydroponics is allowing individual farmers and gardeners more control over their produce.  Most importantly, farmers are discovering that by limiting the external elements and utilizing hydroponic systems, this could curtail future crop destruction that has been experienced in the past.  Hydroponic indoor garden consists of water and nutrients, soil is not in the equation allowing for a lower risk of diseases and pests.

Hydroponics has been a part of the Netherlands and Canada for some time now and has proven extremely valuable. With exceptional crop yields, pest control and higher end efficiency, Turkey may very well welcome hydroponics with open arms.


Here are some really great tips for starting a hydroponic garden to grow plants, vegetables and even flowers:

Do not use really young plants unless they are showing good growth with well-established roots. Being patient until roots are showing will result in much better growth.

Do not heat water to the extreme. Obviously, if your water temperature is very cold, a certain amount of heat should be applied. Water should still feel cold to the touch, warm water will deter the growth of your plants. On the subject of water, become familiar with water filters and water treatments to ensure the water is top quality.

Plant lights, or grow lights, lose approximately 30% of their luminosity over a nine-month period of time.  Plant lights are extremely important for the success of your plants, so you must replace these lamps on regular intervals.  Understanding how plant lights work and at what intervals they should be turned off, will extend the life of the lamps while giving your plants their much needed rest time without light. Your plants need darkness at various times, especially during flowering and fruiting cycles.

Get with someone at your local nursery that is knowledgeable in hydroponics to learn the ins and outs of maintenance and when to let them just rest.  Understanding the importance of water filtration and water treatments will give your plants the highest quality of water for maximum health and growth.

Hydroponics could very well hold the key to the future of feeding this planet. With high yields of growth, healthy high-end produce and turning away from chemicals and pesticides, there could be an exciting future just up ahead.

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