Crane Rigging Principles To Observe All The Time

When you rent a crane from the crane rentals, to undertake crane rigging, you need to observe a set of principles for the rigging process to be a success. The principles to observe include:

Crane safety should take precedence

Crane safety is everything and you shouldn’t compromise on it. Before you even head to the crane rental stores, you should undertake thorough research of your site and ensure that its safe for rigging.

When renting the rigging machine, ensure that the machine is strong enough for the work you are looking to undertake. The same thing applies to the other rigging equipment that you might need. Ensure they are strong enough for your work.

Undertake a thorough inspection

Many people have the notion that the only inspection they need to undertake is when they are renting the cranes and other equipment. Far from this. You need to inspect your machines before you do any lifting.

Before any rigging practice, go around the crane and ensure that all the parts are functioning optimally. Once you are done, you should turn to the slings. The purpose of inspecting the slings is to identify any damage that might be on them.

Are there any slings that are in acidic environments? Pay close attention to them as they are often damaged. Be on the lookout for kinks.

Kinks are brought about by loops that have been drawn too tightly due to improper handling. If you notice them, the sling is definitely damaged and its time that you considered replacing it. Other than kinking, other things you should check out are:

  • Evidence of heat damage
  • Severe localized abrasion or scraping
  • Broken Wires
  • Cracked, damaged or worn out end attachments
  • Severe corrosion

Observe proper sling practices

Inspecting the slings isn’t enough. You also need to observe proper rigging practices. Always ensure that the weight of the load is within the rated capacity of the sling.

You shouldn’t alter the original design of the slings. This means that you shouldn’t shorten or lengthen the slings. This means that you shouldn’t undertake any form of twisting or knotting on the slings.

During the inspection, did you find any damaged slings? Don’t use them at any time. Regardless of how minor the damage is, you shouldn’t use the slings. Throw the damaged pieces away and use new pieces that are in good shape.

Are the slings going to get into contact with the sharp corners? Always keep the corners padded. This is to protect the slings from getting damaged.

You should be cautious when attaching the slings. Experts recommend that you avoid sling angles that are less than 45 degrees. The angles not only put the slings at the risk of getting damaged, they also put the load at the risk of falling from the attachment.

The way you load the slings has a great impact on their working and lifespan. As rule of thumb, you should avoid shock loading at all times. This is because doing so puts a lot of stress on the sling and crane hoist rope leading to damage.

Once you are done with rigging, be cautious where you store the slings. The best place of storing them is in an area where the pieces won’t be subjected to mechanical damage, moisture, corrosive action, kinking, and extreme heat.

Operate the crane properly

After inspecting the crane and ensuring that everything is up to par, you should go ahead and do the lifting. For your safety and that of others on the site, ensure that the crane operator you use is experienced enough and is familiar with the crane and hoist operating characteristics.

As mentioned above, safety should always come first. To ensure that no workers are crushed or struck by the crane, barricade any accessible areas within the swing radius of the crane.

The weight that you lift with the crane is integral. As rule of thumb, ensure that no crane, hoist, or rigging hardware is loaded beyond a certain capacity. This not only protects the crane from tipping over, it also protects the slings from getting damaged.

The crane operator will most likely need a signaler to help him/her in the work. Just like the operator, you can get the signaler from the crane rental services MD providers. As rule of thumb, ensure that he/she is highly experienced in the work.

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