Yolandi Franken

Yolandi Franken to compete in an International Beauty Pageant in the Congo

The Television Show scheduled for broadcasting early 2016 in the USA with worldwide distribution, follows the challenges and adventures of forty outstanding women from forty nations living three weeks in the wild jungles of The Congo as they compete for the international title of Miss Multiverse.

Yolandi is currently preparing herself for the challenge of competing among some of the world’s most beautiful girls. It is however the elimination processes itself that adds to the pressure. This is an inner and outer Beauty Contest, a world wide search already took place, and 40 participants where selected based on nowadays beauty standards and university level education; meaning all participants are beautiful and well cultivated; therefore, with beauty and education already established; from this point on, the pageant will have two eliminations rounds and only twenty ladies will go through to the finals. The criteria to win the crown are based upon their inner qualities.

The winner of Miss Multiverse will be described as a confident, elegant and classy lady that has embraced her own unique brand of beauty and understands that her power and strength comes from her inner and outer balanced personality, during the contest, she will display qualities such as; leadership, entrepreneurial abilities, charisma, social etiquette, emotional balance and beauty that radiates from the inside. With this crown she becomes a symbol and role model to show the world that Modern Women are Multi-faceted, Multi-talented, Multi-skilled and Much more; they are capable, independent, educated and empowered.

Yolandi is prepared to go the extra mile in order to make the best of the opportunity presented, she is actively following a health eating plan, regular exercise and lots of mental preparation during the weeks leading up to the show. She explains that anything additional will have to come naturally from within herself. When asked about her strategy she says that the best strategy for TV reality programs is being your self and show the audience your true nature and personality, the same goes for the pageant since the judges seek for internal beauty and character.

The experience will be led by the Miss Multiverse creator and lead judge, Liinda Grandia, former beauty queen, international model and successful businesswoman.

Yolandi explains that at first she was a little nervous about visiting the Congo, but during her research she discovered beautiful and exotic attention-grabbing touristic destinations with stunning unspoiled beaches, untamed wildlife, jungles and even active volcanoes, she soon realised that this is a rare possibility to explore a special part of the world that very few people have the opportunity to visit. Yolandi is exited to be part of a program that will provide an inside view of the touristic potential of this country and feels that many around the world will also discover the amazing beauty this place has to offer.

The contest supports The Child of the Universe, an Organization that builds self-sustainable, technology driven, modern schools in all 54 countries of the African Continent. http://childoftheuniverse-africa.org/


FB: http://www.facebook.com/MissMultiverse
Twitter: @MissMultiverse

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