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What makes a good wedding DJ?

Do you want David Guetta to be the DJ at your wedding?  Even though you would like to say a yes, it might be difficult to get him to your wedding. A good wedding DJ will be the host of your party. Before hiring a wedding DJ, you need to know what to exactly look for.


A good wedding DJ needs to have a good idea of what kind of music should be played at a wedding. A DJ should know what to play when someone requests for break-dancing music, should know what Zapateados are, difference between Frank Sinatra and Black-Eyed Peas music, etc. The only way to know if a DJ is good with his music is by quizzing him little bit.


You’ll find wedding DJs standing behind a table and spinning, but a good DJ is someone who will observe the toes tapping under the dinner table, paying attention to conversations where people talk about liking a particular song, if people are lip-synching to a particular song, and overall crowd reaction. If a particular group dances to the tunes of a particular song and others don’t, then a good DJ will make sure that he rotates the songs. To know if a DJ is good at reading crowd, ask him/ her about what do they look for when sizing up a crowd? Also ask about DJ’s past experience and what kind of music did he/ she play for that particular crowd.


Does the DJ know when the last guest is being served dinner so that the toast can be announced? Things like communicating with caterers will help you know if the DJ is a Master of Ceremonies or a good host. Also assess if the DJ has good conversational skills and how does he/ she carry himself or herself. Does he/ she make an eye contact and a firm hand shake while talking to you? If the answer is a no, then you cannot expect the timid person to become a bold and confident speaker at your wedding.

Apart from these important areas, also look out for the equipment, price, experience, client reviews, customer satisfaction and attitude. A good DJ is someone who will not make you approach him many a times requesting for a song and is just not glued standing behind a table.

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