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Top 8 Wedding Expenses

Is it time for you to say ‘I do’? Getting palpitation thinking about wedding expenditure? Many couples save for years for the big day, but sometimes careful wedding planning can take you overboard looking for that perfect wedding. Brace yourself for some shocker:

Wedding DJ or band:

A DJ can play some favorite music and keep the party going till evening. Or you can hire a live band too. Both would involve a lot of money to hire them.

Food, drinks and wedding catering:

Wedding catering costs are higher and having a rehearsal dinner can add more to the budget. Having champagne, wine, and beer can add a few more thousands of dollars. And if you have an open bar and some thirsty friends, then you’ll have to pay much more. You will also have to pay for liquor permits.

Wedding outfit:

It can be a bit difficult to restrict your budget while buying a wedding dress. Even the least expensive ones cost a few hundred dollars. Adding to the budget will be accessories, a veil, jewelry, lingerie, etc. There are also some who like to change their wedding gown and wear something short for reception.


Apart from classic bridal bouquets, corsages for bridesmaids, bride and grooms’ mother and boutonnières for groom’s men, groom and bride’s father is a must. Musicians, greeters, ushers should also be given corsages and boutonnières to wear. Petals for flower girls, garlands, floral arrangements for buffet and entrance hall, etc. will cost additional.

Wedding photography and videographer:

Hiring a photographer and videographer will help you preserve those precious memories. In addition, many offer packages like portraits, setting up photo booth to entertain guests, candid shots, etc. which does not come cheap.

Engagement ring:

Engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. So, the couples spend thousands of dollars on simple wedding bands. The cost can go higher if you are opting for diamond or other precious stones. Some couples prefer custom-made rings that can send costs soaring higher.

Wedding venue:

It is the most important aspect for couples. Having a wedding in church or choosing a venue for reception comes with a hefty price tag. Many a times, the venue doesn’t include costs for valet parking, decor, etc.

Wedding invitation:

Printing wedding cards is just the beginning. And if you are looking for a hand-engraved or thermographic printing, then it would cost hundreds of dollars. Few dollars more if you want a calligrapher to write your invitations. A popular trend these days is personalized wedding design which requires custom-made printing plates and graphic designer.

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