Ways To Prepare A Hassle-Free Christmas Dinner

Since the holidays are fast approaching, you are probably thinking of organizing a Christmas dinner for the family together with some relatives and close friends. Perhaps you are thinking of acquiring services from any party rentals just to get the entire job done and take some work off your shoulders. But then, since Christmas is all about giving, and love, you would rather do everything on your own, especially the Christmas dinner menu. But going through all the preparation can be really stressful and everything has to be done within a few weeks’ time period.
In order to get through everything in a hassle-free way, here are some rules that you can consider in saving you from so much pressure.


– Always Plan Ahead Of Time.

Before you execute anything take the time to think about everything that you need and what you want. Think about the following:
o Dish or main course.
o Cooking time
o The number of hobs available
o Cooking and oven space.
Remember, you cannot serve your mother’s roasted chicken if you have a very small oven. Prioritize only what your kitchen can accommodate.

– You Do Not Need A Big Turkey.

Number 1 rule here is that your turkey should not weight more than 12lb. Because the bigger the turkey gets will be difficult to cook and is not worth eating even it’s already cooked. If you have no time to scout for the right turkey, chickens will do or other meat products.

– Go All Crazy With The Gravy.

If you are serving poultry dishes, prepare the gravy in advance and just leave it in the freezer. There is nothing wrong in preparing sauces in advance for as long as you leave it frozen, since it’s easy to reheat it.

– Set Your Time Frame.

When you have finalized your Christmas dinner menu, calculate the cooking time of each dish so you can plan your cooking time that will sync with dinner time.

– Keep It Clean.

Now on the big day, do everything that you need to do from the chopping to the roasting and table setting, then after all is done, clean your cooking area like nothing happened.


– Put Out All The Veggies.

Wash, peel, and chop all the vegetable ingredients that you need in your dishes. Preparing them the night before, then place them on bowls with salted water will still make them in good shape until you cook them.

– Prepare Your Stuffing In Advance.

Cook your stuffing in advance over melted butter and bread crumbs. Then mix in the chestnuts, onion, and herbs, as well as fruits with added seasoning. Placed it in a sealed container and leave it in your fridge until you’re ready to heat it in the microwave oven.

 Parboil The Potatoes Ahead.

Preferably the night before, parboil the potatoes to save you so much time and will still result in being the best tasting roast potatoes that will impress everyone at the dinner table.

– Make Simple Sauces.

There are so many sauce recipes out there, but making the simplest one is not a bad idea since they are easy to prepare and can just be done on the actual day of the event.

– Make Use Of Your Multi-Purpose Cooking Appliances.

This will save you so much time in cooking your dishes and is also a good investment. If you are just about to invest on an appliance, choose the one with multiple functions.

Planning and preparing the favorite dishes of the family really means so special. And if you wish to throw the party outdoors, the party tent rentals MD can work out something that you and your family will truly love. You only get to celebrate the holidays once a year, so try to always make it count every year for as long as you can. Keeping this tradition will be carried over from your generation to the next. It feels great seeing your entire family and friends sharing the same passion and commitment in sticking to a tradition that is worth sharing with everyone within the community. You don’t need to keep it just within your household, share it with others and you will be surprised on how it will backfire on you so positively.

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