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Vinyl Siding Care and Maintenance Tips

Vinyl siding products look like wood, provide insulation to home, and even withstand to tornado force. These features make them an extremely desirable exterior cladding choice.

Vinyl siding maintenance

Vinyl siding is a tough, versatile, and strong building material, but it does demand routine maintenance and care to stay in healthy condition. Since vinyl sidings are installed in the outer part of the buildings, they have to deal with snow, water, dirt, dust, pollution and other harsh outdoor elements. These sidings do not decay like wood but may get cracked or punctured over time. You can keep your vinyl siding in good shape with minimal maintenance.

Washing vinyl siding

The washing process of vinyl siding downriver Michigan is simple. Spray water and use soft cloth or soft bristle brush to clean the vinyl sidings. Start washing from the bottom and then move up and sprinkle water on siding. If you have brick facing house, cover the brick to avoid the runoff.

You can even use power washer to clean your vinyl siding. Do not aim the power washer in upward direction as water can drive behind the vinyl siding. Also, be cautious against walls, windows, plumbing and electrical wirings.

Remove mold and mildew

Removing mold and mildew is important aspect of cleaning vinyl siding. Use vinegar and water solution for this purpose. Alternatively, you also could try powdered laundry detergent, powdered household cleaner and liquid laundry bleach to clean mold and mildew. Do remember to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Clean mulch residue

Mulch residue can make your siding look ugly. Do remember to remove mulch residues while cleaning your vinyl siding.

Protect vinyl siding from discoloration

Vivid color is the most highlighting feature of vinyl siding. If siding’s color get fade, it will steal the entire visual appeal of your home. In order to prevent discoloration, cover your siding with sealants or wet concrete. You can even consider painting your vinyl siding once in a year.

So, these are some vinyl siding maintenance tips. If it is not possible for you to pay attention over siding maintenance, you can hire roof contractor for regular cleaning and maintenance work.

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