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The Paper Cutting Art

The ancient art of paper cutting has been around for many centuries, with the oldest surviving example dating back to 6th century China.

Practiced all over the world, it’s a skill which is somehow both traditional and contemporary, and has exploded in popularity in recent times.

Although there are certain techniques that every paper cutter might use, the beauty of the craft is that no two designs will ever be identical as they can be personalised to the individual customer. Whether it is names, personal details or even a papercut design from a photo, the possibilities are simply endless.

Twenty Fingers are an expert husband and wife duo – hence the name of the business! – Who provide incredible paper cutting designs specified exactly to the customer requirements.

Here are just some of the types of paper cutting products they have on offer.


A decorative art form which gained popularity in France during the late 16th century, silhouettes have remained in demand ever since.

Classically elegant, silhouette papercut make the perfect gift for every occasion, and look great either as a wall hanging or in a stand-alone frame.

Coming from the birthplace of romance, silhouettes are associated with love and are a fabulous wedding or anniversary gift, with the happy couple immortalised in tiny, minute detail. You can even opt to have names and dates cut in too to make a truly personal picture.

But it’s not just romantic love that can be captured with a silhouette papercut; the birth of a child with the proud parents makes a wonderful memento.

Family trees

A highly personal creation, a family tree papercut can incorporate everyone, with their names cut in intricate curves and lines.

Set within the overall shape of a tree, the individual names of each member of the family can be cut surrounded by tiny leaves and acorns with the surname carved into a strong trunk.

Family trees can be produced on any colour paper and set with either a transparent or a coloured background, depending on whether you want your wall to show through the design.

Your home

They say your home is your castle and now you can have a special tribute to your very own kingdom by commissioning a picture of it.

But this is no ordinary picture: email in your photo and have your home captured in unique detail in a paper cut, created to exactly match your house.

With a choice of colours and frames, personalise the print to match your decor while capturing the exact likeness of your pride and joy.

Pet portraits

The UK is renowned for being a nation of animal lovers and now’s your chance to have something very special dedicated to your furry friend.

A paper cut portrait is created in painstaking detail from the picture you provide, with each slice of the knife careful and accurate.

Choose your favorite picture, decide on the colour and whether to add a name and a border then sit back and wait for an incredible portrait to be created of your four-legged member of the family.


A paper cut is the ideal gift for every occasion: anniversaries, weddings, birth of a baby, house move and birthdays.

Give a gift which is truly personal and that you can be sure will never be replicated. All Twenty Fingers paper cuts are created specifically for the individual customer using their own pictures and details requested.

Take a look through the Twenty Fingers gallery and browse through some of the past customer orders. If there’s something you’d like that you don’t see, just get in touch and request a custom design.

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