Sending Flowers From a Real Local Florist

I get a lot of calls from my friends and family asking me about buying flowers. I know that most people do not buy flowers very often, so they are usually not that adept at buying flowers that without my advice.

From my part, the advice is usually about the same: Flowers are always the perfect gift for loved ones and it can be used for a variety of different occasions. Is it a major holiday? Good, then a floral bouquet will work perfectly. Do you not wish to give your significant other chocolates again for Valentine’s Day? Flowers are the best way to show a unique side to your love. Flowers are a change from the usual, and will often serve as a great means of making your family happy.

The next round of questions that I am asked are usually concerned with what the best way to get flowers for their needs. This part can be a little more difficult, but we can figure out how to make it work for you. If you have access to a good, local florist, then you are already in good hands. They are able to fulfill your orders in a timely fashion and offer you some of the best means to go about getting the right flowers to give to your loved ones.

Sometimes, we are faced with trying to find a florist online that can get the arrangement together and deliver them to you at the right time. Yet, many of these people actually turn out to be what we call “order gatherers”. They are certainly not florists, but they pose as them to get you to order through them so that they can make money from you. They have the same ads online and in the yellow pages, but they do not have the flowers or delivery vans.

Ultimately, their goal is to get you to order flowers through them, and then they will place your order with a local florist, jacking the price up all along the way. You may be wondering how they manage to get away with such a bad business model. Mostly, it is the fact that they are able to charge a handling fee, which is very ironic considering that they do not actually handle the product at all. Your local florist would do all of the handling for free, all you would need to do is go directly to them.

They sometimes cut the florist in on the deal by charging a high delivery cost that allows the local florist to be compensated for the inconvenience of the process. Of course, the most famous way that they go about getting more money out of the person ordering is by changing the product that you ordered. For example, if you ordered the high quality 12 inch roses, the order gatherer will simply order a lower quality product that will be sent to you. It is no coincidence that you flowers come in looking “nothing like they did in the ad”.

Truly, the most frustrating part about the entire flower buying process and order gatherers is that they will pretend to be a real floral shop. This means that they will place ads in the same places, and will really never distinguish themselves as the shippers of the product and not the producer. They can even advertise using the same address as a reputable flower shop, but will only lead you to the phone number and website of a business gatherer.

If you want to be able to buy the real thing from actual florists, take a look at more tips to find the real local florists in your area at the Bring Flowers website. Follow the tips and get the best deals possible for your flowers!

Author: Mark Anderson has worked in different aspects of the flower business for 25 years. He loves seeing people experience the joy of giving and receiving flowers.

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