Pros And Cons Of Building A Concrete Pool

Homeowners around the globe dream of building a great swimming pool in their house to spend their leisure summer time in. However, making a swimming pool in your property is a huge investment, and you should carefully look into the different types of pools available before getting hiring a swimming pool builder. There are basically three types of pool; vinyl liners, concrete pools and fiberglass pools which you’ll have to choose one from before starting the project.

The type of pool contractor you hire for your swimming pool project will depend on the type of pool you’re looking to make.

When it comes to making swimming pools, many people choose concrete pools. So, for all of you looking to make a concrete pool, below mentioned are the pros and cons of building a concrete pool.

Pros Of Concrete Pools

Here are some of the best benefits of concrete swimming pools.

They Are Highly Customizable

One of the biggest benefits of making a concrete pool is that you can customize it according to your needs and liking. You can get a customized size and shape of the pool based on the amount of land you’re willing to allocate to your swimming pool.

Keep in mind that while concrete pools are highly customizable, only the traditional (mostly rectangular) shapes are affordable, and custom shapes will cost you a lot more to make. So, the choice is yours.

They Are Highly Durable

Another benefit of getting a concrete pool built in your property is that it is also durable. Unlike vinyl liner pools, concrete pools can’t be damaged by sharp objects touching its surface. Concrete pools are also great for pets like dogs, as their nails aren’t sharp enough to scratch the pool surface.

However, keep in mind that the plaster coating used on the inside of the concrete pool for a smooth finishing is more prone to damage, and will need to be refinished after every few years. This adds up to the overall lifetime upkeep costs of your concrete swimming pool.

It Looks Really Good

In addition to all of the above-mentioned benefits, concrete pools look really good as well. You will enjoy the classic look of your concrete pool while enjoying all of its other benefits. It is also really easy to avoid the growth of algae and staining by providing your concrete pool with proper and timely maintenance.

Cons Of Concrete Pools

Below mentioned are some of the drawbacks of concrete pools. You should consider these as well when choosing to make a concrete pool in your property.

It Takes Long To Start

One of the disadvantages of concrete swimming pools is that they take a bit more time to start. Keep in mind that this curing process alone can take up to a month if you have a concrete pool in your house. In comparison to other types of swimming pools, concrete pools require almost 3 to 4 months to complete, on the other hand, other types of pools can be completed in a few weeks.

The Interior Is Rough

While concrete pools have a durable interior, they are rough, and can damage your skin upon touch. This is a drawback you cannot get rid of, as finishing the pool off with plaster won’t help you either.

So, if you want the durability of a concrete pool, you will have to deal with its roughness.

Costs More To Maintain

As compared to other types of swimming pools, the lifetime maintenance costs of concrete pools are higher.

Since swimming pools made out of concrete have a porous surface, they can easily start growing algae if not maintained properly in the long run. If algae settle in your swimming pool, it can become a lot harder to remove. You will be required to use a steel brush to scrape the surface of your concrete pool at least once a week in order to keep it clean and away from algae growth.


These were some of the benefits and drawbacks of concrete pools which you should consider before getting a concrete pool built by a pool contractor Long Island. These are important to consider because concrete pools are a huge investment.

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