Is It Better To Relax Or Straighten Hair

Chemical vs. heat is a continuous battle. And if I am being straightforward, either relaxing or straightening, no way is safe. But if you still want to figure out something for your curly or kinky hair, stick around. Ahead I’ve mentioned both the methods. It’ll help you figure out which one is better for your hair and should you pay a visit to a keratin treatment salon.

After Effects Of Chemicals And Heat

The end results of both continuous chemical and heat are the damage. Most probably, you’ll end up with:

  • Breakage
  • Hair Fall
  • Split Ends
  • Dull color
  • Crisp Hair
  • And many more

But, calm down your nerves. There are ways to avoid these issues while still straightening your hair. Basically, it’s just taking good care of your hair.

How? Let’s explore further.

When You Should Consider Relaxing Treatments

If you’re one of those, who straighten their hair every once a week or more. Then, you should seriously start considering getting a relaxer treatment.

As compared to the heat tools, you only need to touch up your hair every 2-3 months in relaxing treatment. So, your hair is getting exposed to the damage occasionally. Also, if your hair is being treated by a professional stylist, the percentage of damage gets even lower.

Yeah, that’s no myth that your hair experiences damage after the chemical relaxing treatments.  But, if the process is being done by a professional, the damage freezes. And it does not go farther or multiply.

At Times Heat Tools Are Of No Harm To You

Now you might be wondering what is meant by the above statement? When those damaging heat tools cause no harm?

Well, if you got waves or mild curls, then I don’t know who’s suggesting you a relaxing treatment. You can go on with heat tools. For the soft waves, you don’t even require high heat. Then, why not?

Moreover, if you’re someone who needs to straighten their hair occasionally, go on with the heat tools.

Pros Of Relaxers

Despite some cons and limitations, relaxers do have some exceptional benefits. Obviously, that’s why a lot many people opt for it. Some of the expected benefits of relaxers are:

  • Semi-permanent (No pressings of flat iron every day)
  • Easier application
  • More consistent
  • Less prone to humidity and frizz

Is The Relaxing Treatment Safer Than The Straightening Tools?

No, for sure. The facts I’ve mentioned above say that you need a chemical treatment every 2-3 months. And so, your exposure to the chemicals is low. But you’re still getting exposed to the chemicals, right?

Also, what about the time between the relaxing and the touch-up? You might be thinking it goes on smoothly. But it’s not like that. Sometimes, you need to straighten your hair with heat tools to get a straighter look even after the treatment. Eventually, you’re getting exposed to both chemicals and heat, which is even more damaging. So, no hair straightening method is 100% safe.

Types Of Hair Fall That Relaxing Can Get You

Even though relaxing treatment is immensely popular these days. But, still, people hesitate to get started with it. Their main concern is the hair fall. Relaxing will mainly get you two different types of hair fall.


Breakage is common in those people as well who use heat tools. And also, breakage is natural for unhealthy hair. But it gets more intense with chemical treatments.

Permanent Hair Loss

What can be a more horror end of a chemical treatment than permanent hair loss? Many people claim that they got permanent hair loss after relaxing treatment. It mainly affects the hairline, especially at the front. Then, you might well end up with bald patches at the front line.

Did I Make It Sound Too Horrific?

Sorry, my bad. You need to know that these are exceptional cases. And the end results can be the other way round if you get it done by a hair stylist. Also, after-care is significantly essential to avoid such mishaps.


There’s no fail-safe method to get your hair straight. Ultimately, you need to accept your natural hair texture. But the key is to know your hair better and then decide what will suit you the most. On the other side, the natural, the healthier. So, if you got curls, flaunt them or go to reliable hair straightening salons potomac.

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