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Modern Crutch’s – Providing Efficiency and Style

Losing mobility is extremely painful both physically and mentally. A person can lose mobility for a limited period or for his whole life. Assistive technologies are very helpful in gaining at least partial mobility and it is extremely encouraging for a patient. It gives them a sense of confidence that they can one day live a healthy and normal life again.

There are many types of assistive tools available like crutch. It helps in aiding mobility for those persons who are unable to use their legs (partially or fully) for walking. Crutches target those parts of a body that are strong enough to carry the whole weight of the body. This is the reason why different types of crutches are designed for different injuries or disabilities. Leg support crutches deals with problems in lower part of the body namely having a single leg, whereas forearm is helpful in case of weakness in both the legs.

Crutch as a tool obviously comes with various accessories. Some of them are crutch pads, crutch tips, clutch attachment platforms, clutch grips, and clutch bags.

Prime among them is crutch pad. It acts as a link between crutch and human being using that crutch. In this article, we discuss two most common crutch accessories, Crutch pads and Crutch Covers

Crutch Pads

There are various types of crutch pads available in the market today. Different pads are used depending on the type of crutch. Crutch pads are available for forearm, underarm, leg support, strutters and platform crutches. Like crutches, their pads too are designed keeping in mind the usage of that particular pad. For example, underarm crutch pads must be designed in a manner so that person can use it for extended period of time without hurting his underarm. Extra padding is done to make them softer and easier to use.

Fine ergonomics and use of high quality material is the key in designing and building superior crutch pads.

Crutch Covers

If we want to add a little bit of style with substance, crutch covers come in handy. Fashionable and colorful covers can lighten up the mood of the user, especially the children. Crutch covers comes in various shapes and sizes. Again function is as important as style. Use of good quality material is necessary. Since cover is always in touch with the body using a wrong or hazardous material can be harmful. Crutch covers can also be used to set a trend, a fashion statement, and give a great confidence boost to crutch user.

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