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Foreign women using online language learning to help them move to USA or UK

Language is the best way to integrate in any society. If you know the local language it becomes easier to understand local culture and mix with people. In a way a person who knows local language has an edge over someone who doesn’t.

Many women in today’s developing or semi developed countries want to move to developed countries like United States of America or United Kingdom. The reason being these developed societies offer more chances of growth, since per capita income is high compared to less developed economies. There is also added attraction of a safe and secure living environment. Large number of women migrating from Mexico to USA, from Asia and Africa to UK proves this point.

Most of these women are not skilled workers. Once they reach USA or UK, in order to sustain themselves they want job as soon as they can. Since USA and UK are both English speaking countries, these women are learning English language online. There are many advantages of learning a foreign language online.

Convenience is the first thing that comes to the mind. Chances are these women are already working in their native countries, so they don’t have much time for attending regular classes. Many of them will not have enough money for regular classes. So what can they do? They can learn English online and that’s what they are doing. Learning a foreign language online is far cheaper than other methods. It also gives you the flexibility of time. You can learn in the morning or in the evening or in the night after finishing your daily work. It’s all up to you.

There are various tools available for learning like Skype English classes. Everything is similar to the normal classes. You can interact with your instructor and ask questions just like in a normal class. Only difference is that there is a computer screen between you and your teacher.

This interaction between student and teacher makes it a very successful tool for spoken English classes. Let us hope that these tools will help these foreign women in achieving their true potential.

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