Making Yourself a Priority

Making Yourself a Priority

Feeling uninspired, overwhelmed, overworked, under-appreciated or just plain tired of being a dishrag at everyone’s beck and call? Do you give and give and give until they have nothing left?

What would shift in your life if you began setting more solid boundaries and stopped overextending yourself? If you began exuding more self-confidence? What about beginning to value yourself for what you are truly worth?

Begin by MAKING YOURSELF A PRIORITY! When you are the top priority in your own life, you have more to offer your loved ones, your work and your community. Only when we cherish and nourish ourselves are we able to give the most to others.

Most women find making time for themselves nearly, if not entirely, impossible. Sofa 2 Sexy is striving to make it a bit easier for women to make the time for themselves by offering a complimentary 28 day Foundation Course. The Sofa 2 Sexy Foundation Course empowers women to embrace, ignite and radiate their own inner strength and confidence.  We focus on bringing out the confident warrior within by making yourself a priority.

At Sofa 2 Sexy, we strive to help each and every one of our protégés to feel amazing by: embracing a healthy and active lifestyle, exuding self-confidence, appreciating and loving the body she is in, valuing her own self-worth, taking care of herself physically, mentally and emotionally, drawing others to her with her positive energy, acting self-assured, dressing to accentuate her best features while keeping it classy and not trashy, knowing when to put herself first and when to support others, not overextending herself, knowing her own boundaries and not being afraid to ask for what her heart desires or what she needs, dressing to be at her best at all times, taking the time to make sure she looks great wherever she is going – be it to the office, the corner grocery or out on the town.

This course is designed for busy women who have forgotten that their needs are just as important as the needs of those in their life. It is designed for the moms that are always putting their husbands, kids and extended family’s needs before their own. For the college students that are striving to be the best woman they can be and preparing to take on the world. For the women in mid-life seeking passion and purpose. Our participants are the empty nesters who are seeking a way to regain the woman they were ‘before’ their amazing lives and families took center stage. They are daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, lovers, caretakers, domestic engineers, breadwinners and most importantly of all, women who should be valued and a priority in their own life.

Becoming a Protégé is a commitment. It is a commitment of time, dedication and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is a commitment to yourself that YOU are ready for a shift in your life. That YOU are ready to find your sexy warrior within. Taking your life from Sofa 2 Sexy is a 28 day shift. As a Sexy Protégé, you can expect to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week (more if you are really looking for a BIG shift) committed to course work, contemplation and implementation. Are YOU committed? Make yourself a priority today and register to ‘be in the know’ and notified of our next session.


The Sofa 2 Sexy Foundation Course is a complimentary 28 day online session. The course will begin with a lead-in for taking stock of where you are and where you would like to be. This will be accomplished through a series of discovery questions, goal setting activities and online group discussions. Each Sexy Protégé will also be given the opportunity to define their ideal accountability partner and seek out another protégé that would make a great virtual match. A fellow warrior along the path is a great way to maintain momentum and remain accountable.

Once the four week (28 day) course begins, our Protégés receive daily emails with course work, motivations or implementation items. Yes, this course will be an investment of your time. Most Protégés may expect to invest 4 hours of their time spread throughout the week. Some may spend more. Some may spend less. Our experience has shown that the more hours dedicated to the coursework, the bigger the shift in one’s life.

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